All Rejuvenating Radiance Echoes (Map Locations) in Wuthering Waves


    Healer builds in Wuthering Waves are never complete without at least one set of Rejuvenating Glow Echoes. This is where you can find them all.

    List of all Rejuvenating Brightness Echoes in Wuthering Waves and their locations

    Rejuvenating luminous echoes are not as difficult to find as you think. These echoes provide the following set effects:

    Two-piece set Healing bonus +10%
    five piece set After healing allies, increases the ATK of all party members by 15% for 30 seconds.

    Quick trimming

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    Snip Snap is commonly found Fusion Echo near flower bombs. The most accessible places to start your farms are the plains north of Jinzhou.

    They usually, they usually

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    Whiff Whaff frequents windy areas, such as hills and plains. They are practically everywhere on the map, so you can track them using your databank. Like Snip Snap, the best place to start your search is north of Jinzhou.

    TIC Tac

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    The best place to grow Tick Tacks is in the Central Plains. Start from Qichi Village and venture out. However, they are very small, so it is best to open their data bank to track all their locations.

    cruise wing

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    Cruisewings can be farmed in the same locations as Tick Tacks. Open your data bank near Stone Pile Plain and chase them down.

    Junrock Vanguard

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    These built rock TDs frequent cliffs. I find that most of them appear here on Yeming Slide. Just stay in it higher level!

    Junrock Fission

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    Fission Junrocks can be found in the same area as Vanguard. This time, follow the lower level of the cliffs at Yeming Slide.

    Terrifying Mane of Fusion

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    These not-so-cute wolves are everywhere on the map. They’re not hard to find with tracking on, but I found the area around Tiderise Cliff to be the most convenient spot.

    stone wall bracelet

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    Stonewall Bracer is an itemless physical echo that loves to block roads. Stick to them and you’ll run into one. I recommend starting from Jinzhou and following the roads that go north, west and south.

    Guardian of the abyss

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    The Chasm Guardian can be found in the Withering Frontline. It is also one of the few echoes that drop Whisperin Cores if you are missing this ascension material.

    Rocksteady Guardian

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    Rocksteady Guardians can often be found nearby Qichi Town, as seen above. Qichi is also home to a Taceta Field you can spam to generate rejuvenating echoes like Rocksteady. You don’t have to spend WP and claim its rewards if you don’t want to.

    Bell-borne geoclone

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    Bell-Borne Geoclone is one of the three weekly bosses in Wuthering Waves. You can fast travel to a resonance beacon near your location, Bell-Borne Ravine, on the west side of the continent.

    Cyclone Hoochief

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    Hoochief Cyclone is a Calamity Echo that lurks around Dim Forest. It’s one of the few echoes you can farm for weapon ascension items, but it’s also a rejuvenating echo!

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