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    It’s always nice to find a Roblox clicker game that’s a bit different and offers a bit of a challenge as well as the usual clicker traps. In Arm Wrestle Simulator you need to train yourself on three different stats, as well as decide whether to spend your earnings on pets, rebirths, or moving on to new areas. It doesn’t take long to escape from the school, the first area of ​​the game, but the next one is a bit more complicated. So if you don’t know how to escape from the gym in Roblox Arm Wrestle Simulator, check out my guide here.

    Roblox Arm Wrestle Simulator – How can you escape from the gym?

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    In order to escape from the gym in Arm Wrestle Simulator, you need to meet two conditions. You need to have beat Rogue AI at least once and racked up 20 million wins. This is a big step up from school, especially since even the weakest boss you can fight in the Gym (Scrap Trader) will need you to have a total strength of around 8m to defeat him on auto. But do it as soon as he can do it fast (about 12m strength) as he will get 3k wins per win!

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    I think the most important lesson to be learned here is that going back to school to battle is the best way to get victories Early. Walking on the champion grants you 625+ wins each time, so it only takes 12 wins to be able to afford the lowest level (7.5k) gym pets. Once you have some strong gym pets, you will be able to train much faster.allowing you to quickly get the rebirths you need to speed things up even more.

    What it really comes down to is patience after that. Buy your pets wholesale so you can better utilize the potions you get from dallies, spins, and gifts. Get as many reborns as you can, as they make a huge difference in how much benefit you get from training. Then take down the big boss as soon as you can progress. See you on the island!

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