How to enable Thalassophobia mode in Horizon Forbidden West



    The first DLC for Horizon Forbidden West, Burning Shores, has just been released. This DLC adds an extensive list of changes to the patch notes for update 1.21. While the main addition is the new DLC, Guerrilla Games has also added a new Thalassophobia mode for those who fear the deep waters, as Aloy must travel through these regions in the game. Here is how to enable Thalassophobia mode in Horizon Forbidden West.

    Activate Thalassophobia mode in Horizon Forbidden West

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    To enable Thalassophobia mode, open the settings pressing start. navigate to Accessibility and scroll down until you find the thalassophobia relief option and activate it. If this mode is not enough, you can also turn off the underwater camera shake option.

    Be careful; however, this option can affect certain moments in the story related to the search for respite underwater. It is recommended to avoid these underwater spaces until you have found the diving mask as part of the main story.

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    What does Thalassophobia mode do in Horizon Forbidden West?

    Thalassophobia Relief mode is designed to alleviate the symptoms of thalassophobia by improving underwater ambient visibility, displaying a blue glow, and allowing you to breathe indefinitely, regardless of story progression.

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