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    Of pirates of the Caribbean to mulan, Disney Speedstorm is a racing action game with a variety of Pixar and Disney racers available to play. There also seems to be a wide variety of character types, ranging from fierce and intimidating to innocent and happy. Here are all the playable Disney Speedstorm characters in the game.

    List of all playable characters in Disney Speedstorm (2023)

    1.Donald Duck

    Image via Gameloft

    It’s no wonder that in a game called Disney Speedstorm, we get a few choices from the classic Disney roster. Donald Duck still seems to be his curmudgeon self in the promotional image Gameloft released. Hopefully, he will continue to be a fun and moody character for players to enjoy on the court.

    2. Mickey Mouse

    Image via Gameloft

    There is no more recognizable character in the Disney brand than Mickey Mouse, so much so that his ears are iconic to the brand. From that point of view, it is not surprising that the cute mouse appears in the racing game. It’s likely even a default option for many players in Disney Speedstorm. He will be wearing a black, red and yellow racing suit that is a nod to the colors of his classic outfit.

    3. fool

    Image via Gameloft

    Naturally, no Mickey Mouse trio would be complete without Goofy. This goofy dog ​​with a trademark toothy grin works his way up as one of the best Defenders in the game, an ability that may or may not be a nod to his choice of weapon in Kingdom Hearts. His appearance from Disney Speedstorm features a blue and orange driving suit, which does not resemble his iconic appearance in the movies.

    4.Baloo (the jungle book)

    Image via Gameloft

    the famous bear the jungle book You’ll be among the racers ready to hit the track once the game launches. Along with Baloo, Gameloft has also confirmed that his partner Mowgli will be another playable character. The playful image of him is still present in most promotional photos for Disney Speedstorm. He uses the large body of his to block the path of his opponents.

    5. Mowgli (the jungle book)

    Image via Gameloft

    Along with the jolly singing bear Baloo, Mowgli will appear as a playable racer in Disney Speedstorm. He still looks exactly like he does in the Disney movie, the jungle bookexcept for his usual outfit, which is now a 1970s-style orange and brown racing suit. Mowgli provides a childish and fun atmosphere to the game’s lineup.

    6. Bella (Beauty and the Beast)

    Image via Gameloft

    Beautiful is the beauty in the Beauty and the Beast Disney film, where she acts alongside her love interest, The Beast. Her traditional village dress and her robe are absent from the game, but she is still left with her signature ponytail and yellow jumpsuit. She’s not the only Disney princess confirmed, as we’ve also seen Mulan announced for Disney Speedstorm.

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    7. The Beast (Beauty and the Beast)

    Image via Gameloft

    The Beast is one of the main characters in Beauty and the Beast, a classic Disney romantic film. She should be an exciting addition to the lineup, providing an option for players who want to take someone less healthy or feminine. His rough exterior translates to the way he runs, as he’s the type to knock other contenders out of the way rather than just speed through them. However, it doesn’t appear to be playable in his transformed human state.

    8. Elizabeth Swann (pirates of the Caribbean)

    Image via Gameloft

    This racer was certainly one that fans weren’t expecting. Many of the other playable characters revealed for Disney Speedstorm have been important characters in the Disney and Pixar pantheon, such as Mickey Mouse and Mulan. Elizabeth Swann appears in the pirates of the Caribbean franchise. His on-screen comrade Jack Sparrow will also be among the runners up.

    9. Jack Sparrow (pirates of the Caribbean)

    Image via Gameloft

    Jack Sparrow is a well-known character in the pirates of the Caribbean films. His joking and rebellious behavior is likely to make him a favorite of many players. His swashbuckling attire, such as his signature bandana, is still partially present, even when he wears a white, black, and red racing uniform. As a Certified Trickster in both the movies and Disney Speedstorm, he is the type of racer who uses roundabout ways to outmaneuver his opponents. For example, he can turn invisible (like a ghost)!

    10. Mulan

    Image via Gameloft

    There are few characters more fierce than Mulan, so we’re not surprised to see her included in the roster of Disney Speedstorm racers. She appears with her signature chin-length hair that is cut short to join the army. Her red and black racing suit features her partner, Mushu, on her arm in a golden silhouette.

    11. Li Shang (mulan)

    Image via Gameloft

    Who can forget Captain Li Shang, one of the great leaders in mulan. Still, despite her behavior on the show, she’s secretly very sweet. One of her profile taglines is even “You forgot your helmet,” which made us laugh a lot. Other than that, she is a steady runner who can interrupt opponents who get in her way.

    12. Hercules

    Image via Gameloft

    We’re big fans of Hercules’ giga-male appearance in the game. His iconic tunic has been color-matched in his outfit, and he wears a blue suit underneath that matches the color of his cape’s original design. If you look closely, he’s even wearing a champion belt!

    13.Meg (Hercules)

    Image via Gameloft

    Meg appeared in Hercules’ story as an initial antagonist before falling for the hero’s charms. Disney’s Speedstorm version of Meg is closer to her pre-Hercules days, where she’s a bit more cynical. Still, she’s a fun addition to the list. Her outfit is a plain purple tracksuit that she matches the color of the tunic she wears in the movie.

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    14.Sully (monsters inc)

    Image via Gameloft

    Sully is one of the two main characters in the classic Pixar movie. monsters inc. This gentle giant appears in promotional materials for Disney Speedstorm in all his blue-haired glory. He will also wear a dark blue racing suit to complement his coloring. Sulley is a good Brawler, just like Beast.

    15. Mike Wazowski (monsters inc)

    Image via Gameloft

    There’s no Sulley without a Mike Wazowski, and this one-eyed monster is here to panic all the way to the finish line. His default white/blue appearance from Disney Speedstorm is a nod to his school color in Monsters University, similar to Sulley. Its small size gives it a great advantage in speed.

    16.Randall (monsters inc)

    Image via Gameloft

    Disney Speedstorm Randall is as cunning as his monsters inc be. He uses all kinds of nasty tricks against his opponents. Since he doesn’t actually wear clothes in the movies, his purple driving suit is designed to complement his color.

    17. Celia Mae (monsters inc)

    Image via Gameloft

    Celia Mae is not as household a name as the big three of monsters inc, but we can never forget the passionate receptionist with snakes for hair. Her Disney Speedstorm has a similar pattern to her green bodycon dress in the movie with minor additions. She is also a welcome addition to the game roster.

    18. product

    Image via Gameloft

    Many players will never have heard of Figment, and that’s normal! Figment is from Disney Park Journey Into Imagination attraction mascot, so if you’ve never been to one, it’s unlikely you’ve remembered it. He was once set to star in a TV show called dream seekers although the series was never made. Figment is a curious purple dragon with the heart of a trickster, and he’s here to confound his opponents in Disney Speedstorm.

    Are there more characters coming to Disney Speedstorm in the future?

    Image via Gameloft

    As the game is still in its first season, more characters for Disney Speedstorm should be announced as the game releases its updates. We don’t know exactly when the characters will be shown, but when Disney Speedstorm is ready to announce more characters, they usually release a trailer or hint photo. To get the latest updates, we strongly recommend that you follow the official Disney Speedstorm Facebook Page!

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