How To Earn Money And Pancakes Fast In Roblox Pancake Empire Tower Tycoon – Tips And Tricks For Beginners


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    An unusual collaboration has just debuted on the Roblox platform: financial services and investment company Fidelity, and… pancakes? That’s right, the deliciously sweet Crepe Empire Tower Tycoon The experience is live on the platform right now, courtesy of Fidelity, and excited players can even win a handful of free avatar items just by playing! However, before you can earn these items, you’ll need to understand how this experience works and be ready to work, which is why we’ve put together the following short guide that goes over everything you need to know about Pancake Empire Tower Tycoon. .

    Pancake Empire Tower Tycoon Beginner Tips and Tricks

    When appearing in Pancake Empire Tycoon for the first time, you will be prompted to complete a short tutorial. During this tutorial, you will be shown how to make pancakes, how to earn YumYums with your pancakes, and then how to feed these YumYums to your fantasy creatures and earn money in return. In case you missed it, pancakes are made by stepping on any of the green buttons with pancake labels, YumYums are dropped from pancakes and picked up by walking on them, and your fantasy creatures are fed by stepping on their pancakes. corresponding switches.

    Screenshot from MyFullGames
    Screenshot from MyFullGames
    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    In order to earn as many YumYums as possible and, in turn, earn the most money in the shortest amount of time, we need to understand the basics of Pancake Empire Tycoon. As I’m sure you’ve learned by now, adding pancakes to your pancake tower will increase the number of YumYums that are produced. However, in addition to adding more and more tier one (standard) pancakes, we can also mix up our pancakes to create higher or higher tier ones.

    For example, if you buy three tier one pancakes and then interact with the large mixer to the left of your pancake tower, it will combine those three top notch pancakes in one level two pancake, and so on. Simply put, combining three pancakes of the same level (using the mixer) will create a new pancake of the next highest level, until you reach level 15. Once you reach level 15, you will not be able to create any more new pancakes. pancakes, as that is the highest level of the experience!

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    Now that you know the basics of how to make pancakes, we need to know how to make them. faster, good? Pancakes can be purchased in individual stacks or in bulk at 10, 50, 100, and 1,000 pancakes, with each bulk option being more expensive than the last. Every time you buy a single pancake, or a large number of pancakes, the price will go up, sometimes quite drastically, so it’s important to know how to make money fast.

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    Next to your fantasy creatures is a large bowl with a green button on the front that says “Faster sales rate.” Stepping on this button will increase the amount of money you earn per second, and it only costs a small fee to do so. To earn the most money in the shortest amount of time, we recommend investing a large amount of change in increasing your rate of change. sale.

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    On top of that, it’s also very important to pay attention to which fantasy creature offers you the best investment/trade, and it will drastically increase the amount of money you make if you do it correctly. For a breakdown of each creature, check out the list below.

    • The turtle creature offers you a 1 for 1 return on your investment, which means that the amount of YumYums you give him will directly reflect the amount of money he makes you in return, while both the owl and dragon creatures have chances to win and lose extra money.
    • Trusting the owl might give you a 1.5x returnto 1 for 1 returnor a 0.9x returnwhich means that while you could make more money from the owl, you could also lose a small amount of money.
    • Investing with the dragon is even riskier than with the owl, because although it has the chance to give you an impressive 2x return on the plus side, there’s also a chance that he’ll give you a measly 0.6x return on the downside, which means you would only get about 60% of what you invested as YumYums, back in your pocket as money.

    However, taking a chance on the owl or the dragon is not always a bad thing, which is why it is so important to pay attention to your investment possibilities! Each time you pay one of the three creatures, the percentages on their heads will change, indicating which of their outcomes is most likely to happen the next time you pay them. Pay attention to these changes! If you’re lucky, the dragon might pass from 10% 2x chance and 90% 0.6x chanceto 75% 2.5x chance and 25% 0.6x chanceit might be worth the risk!

    To make it easier for you to keep abreast of changing opportunities, we also recommend that you save up and purchase the automatic collection for a million dollars, which will collect all your earned YumYums for you, so you don’t have to go back and forth from the collecting base to the fantasy creatures.

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    Repeating the steps mentioned above should net you a lot of cash in a very short time. It took us around 45 minutes to win $75 million using this method!


    That’s it for our guide on how to be successful and efficient in Pancake Empire Tower Tycoon! Are you planning to polish this experience? Have you already won any of the items? Let us know in the comments below.

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