All Mausoleum Cube Locations in One Piece Odyssey


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    All characters in One Piece Odyssey have powerful abilities that can be used during battle, with different effects and damage. However, to unlock and level up those abilities, you will need to find cube fragments scattered around the world in different dungeons. The Royal Mausoleum has three Cube Fragments hidden in its depths, and you won’t want to miss them. Here’s how to collect them all in the most seamless way possible.

    All Alubarna Royal Mausoleum Fragment Locations in One Piece Odyssey

    The three fragments in the mausoleum are hidden in different places in the dungeon, some of them will require you to complete a few puzzles beforehand, but they are all quite close to each other. You’ll want to use Luffy and Chopper as much as possible when adventuring so you can get to these tricky areas and collect your cubes. I also found it much faster if you avoid enemies in your way, like bats, because fighting will take much longer.

    Where to find Cube Fragment 1 in the Alubarna Royal Mausoleum

    To get to the first cube fragment, enter the mausoleum and head down the stairs to your right, past the save point at the entrance. This will take you to the lower level, B2F. Here you will find two different doors. One of them is broken and you won’t be able to get through it, and the other one has a pressure plate in front of it. Step on the plate to open the door and continue inside.

    Then you will need to step on another pressure plate, which lights the braziers on the opposite side. Head right past the flying bat and use Luffy to grab onto the loops and cross the gap. Step on the pressure plate in the middle of the fires, and it will open the bridge and allow you to reach another set of steps. This will take you to the B3F level.

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    Once you enter the vine area, use Luffy to cross the platforms and reach the other side right in front of you. Directly to your left, towards the floor, there will be a small opening. Switch control to Chopper and use it to enter the hidden room. You’ll find a Yoisa Shop here, as well as some loot and the first Cube Fragment: Usopp’s Cube Fragment.

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    Where to find Cube Fragment 2 in Alubarna Royal Mausoleum

    To find the second cube fragment, go back to the hidden room using Chopper. Once back in the vine area, he crosses to the other side using Luffy once more to jump over the gaps. You will reach another lower level, B4F. Take an immediate right at the entrance and you will find a dead end with some debris. Look up and you’ll see a chandelier that Luffy can use to climb to a higher platform.

    Once on the platform, turn around and you will see the second cube fragment: Usopp’s Cube Fragment. Luffy can reach him by holding out his arms.

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    Where to find Cube Fragment 3 in the Alubarna Royal Mausoleum

    To get to the last cube fragment, you’ll first need to complete the Switch puzzle and open the bridge to the other side. This is quite an easy task. You will only need to use Luffy to navigate the different platforms and light up all the animal plates when you get on them. I also made sure to collect all the other loot like I did. This goes much faster if you try to avoid enemies as much as possible.

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    Once all the plates are illuminated, head over to the main button in the middle and pull it up to extend the bridge. This will allow you to cross over to the other side, where you will see another save point.

    At the save point, turn right and go down the stairs. Try to avoid the bat at the bottom; Annoyingly I ran straight for him. Then, use Luffy to jump across the platforms and you’ll see the last cube fragment: Chopper’s Cube Fragment.

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    Now that you have all the Mausoleum Cube Shards, don’t forget to open your menu and upgrade your characters’ abilities with the new Shards. This will increase the power of the abilities you choose to place them on and give you a much-needed boost for your future battles.

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