How to defeat the Skrendel brothers in High on Life



    In High on Life, you play a human teenager who is suddenly tasked with taking down the biggest alien bounties space has ever seen. One of these many rewards are the Skrendel brothers. These are a trio of cyclops brothers who have their own fight before teaming up to become a full boss named Bro-Tron. The three brothers are relatively easy to defeat on their own, as most of their attacks come in the form of a bouncing technique that they perform in the arena. You will have to dodge the slime that comes from these attacks while using The Creature Trick Hole to interrupt the attack. After each defeat, the brothers will run away.

    How to defeat Bro-Tron in High on Life

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    Bro-Tron is a combination of the three Skrendel siblings, Angela, Jonathan, and Mona, one on top of the other. He will have access to this bounty after he has completed the 9-Torg, Krubis and Douglas bounty. As you deplete their health using your different Gatlians, you’ll notice the brothers will split up. The first thing to remember when fighting Bro-Tron is to try to attack each of the brothers equally. If you defeat them one at a time, you will see the last two come together and merge independently. Once they do this, you will have to repeat the above until they separate again.

    As the fight progresses, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the four shields in the arena. If you are in a pinch, they are there to help you and redeem your lost shields. Once all the brothers have been defeated, you can collect the eye of skrendel reward of each brother and the reward of 2,000 pesos.

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