How to defeat the Bloat King in Remnant 2


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    Bloat King is a relatively early boss in Remnant 2, and despite its humorous name, the giant blob is no joke. With enough electricity to fry you in an instant, if the Bloat King is the horror blocking your path, you’ll need to know how to deal with it. Fortunately, my team and I managed to kill the beast on Nightmare difficulty, so let me give you the winning strategy. Here’s how to kill the Bloat King in Remnant 2

    The best tips and tricks to defeat the Bloat King in Remnant 2

    Bloat King is a boss that only uses Shock to try to kill you. As such, the first thing he’ll want to do is stack up as much Shock Resistance as he has. Simple.

    Now the fight itself requires solid execution. The Bloat King himself is very resistant to all damage, so targeting him is largely a waste of ammo. Instead, he targets the two orbs that he spawns once the fight starts. Both will launch crash sprites that have search properties. Avoid them and prioritize the orb. which flashes red. This is a critical issue for the fight.

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    When the flickering orb takes enough damage, it will detonate, causing it to take critical damage from all sources. To compensate, the orb will start to fly around the room very quickly, making it harder to hit. Deal as much damage as you can to this orb during this time. The amount of time you have is limited here, as the Bloat King will eventually absorb the orb for a sequence of powerful electrical attacks. At the same time, however, a portion of the total damage dealt to the orb will be reflected in Bloat King. This is how you will deplete his health.

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    Let’s talk about those empowered electrical attacks. When he absorbs the orb, Bloat King will start charging electricity for two types of moves:

    • Ray – Instantly hits a player with critical damage. Dodge or Line of Sight Bloat King to avoid this.
    • light ray – Fires a massive electrical bolt that increases damage over time the longer you take it. Just run away from it to avoid it.

    Both moves look similar during the charge phase, but Lightning Beam’s cue is when Bloat King’s tendrils start to go wild. If you see this, keep running and don’t try to dodge it. Bloat King can do both of these moves. in rapid succession up to three times. Also, if you’re playing with a group, all three attacks will target only one player per sequence. Rinse and repeat this strategy, and the Bloat King will drop.

    Additional mechanics during the fight.

    The fight takes place on several raised platforms with a swampy floor between them. You will want to stay on these platforms throughout the entire fight. Falling into the swamp will spawn several small electrical aggregates that will continue to spawn the longer you stay there. Find a ladder to re-equip the raised platforms. Ideally, you should never have to deal with this if you never fall into the swamp. Ads will not follow you and will not have any restrictions on the fight. They exist to kill you if you stay there.

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