How to fix low FPS in Remnant 2


    Remnant 2 doesn’t exactly run smoothly on many systems during its Early Access. In particular, the number of frames per second (FPS) that the game seems to get is quite low, even for high-end. For a big game release like this, such a thing is sure to be annoying. Here are a few workarounds I’ve found that will at the very least give you a solid FPS boost until the developers address the issue directly.

    How to improve FPS in Remnant 2

    • lower graphics settings – Set settings like Shadows and Post Processing to low. Also, disable Motion Blur as it can contribute to lower FPS.
    • Update your graphics driver – Most of the time when a new game comes out, updating your graphics card drivers will provide a solid benefit to your FPS.
    • Activate scaling – Activate Upscaler and set the quality to Performance can dramatically improve your FPS
    • Lower your resolution in the game – Sometimes new games come with strange problems related to their resolution. Simply lowering it one level might be all you need to do to get playable performance.

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    All these band-aid fixes are meant to make the game playable. Unfortunately, they come with the drawback of reducing the overall fidelity of the graphics. However, until Gunfire Games addresses the performance issues from their end with a dedicated patch, this will have to work for now. If these fixes don’t work for you, you can also try a simple system reset. Otherwise, as stated, wait for Gunfire Games to make amends.

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