How to craft ceramic plates in Valheim Ashlands


    Valheim’s newest content, Ashlands, brings with it a new biome, new weapons, armor, and much more. But one small piece of material is eluding the eyes of artisans across the nine kingdoms, so we’re looking at the ceramic plate and how to get it.

    How to get ceramic plate in Valheim

    To get this elusive dish, you must fight two of Valheim’s fiercest monsters; Shaper and Queen. You will find Molder in the mountain biome and Queen in Mistlands. The former must be killed to obtain Dragon Tear which will unlock the Artisan crafting station, while the latter drops the Majestic Carapace to upgrade the Artisan table; the Craft Press.

    Once you have killed these powerful creatures, you will have access to creating the workshops necessary for ceramic dishes. To start, make sure you have your hammer handy and navigate to the Crafting tab, find the craftsman’s table and drop it somewhere under a roof. Here is a list of materials needed for crafting Artisan’s Table:

    • 10x Wood.
    • 2x Dragon Tear.

    After creating the table, you’ll need to put your housekeeping skills to use by designing a craft press to accompany your stylish new table. The Crafting Press is a crafting upgrade item, meaning that if you place it in the immediate area of ​​the Artisan’s Table, you will automatically upgrade your table to level 2 and unlock new recipes. So, using the same method as before, grab your Hammer, find the Crafting tab, and then the Crafting Press. Notice the glowing strap linking the Craft Press to the Craftsman’s Table in the screenshot above. This will be your guide on where you can place it. For that you will need:

    • 5x Black Marble.
    • 5x Bronze.
    • 1x Majestic Shell.
    • And make sure your Artisan table is nearby!

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    Now that you’ve upgraded your new Craftsman’s Table to Level 2, you can finally create those elusive ceramic plates. Interact with the crafting station to bring up the menu, but don’t forget that you will also need the following materials:

    • 5x black marble per craft.

    As long as you have an infinite supply of black marble, you can decorate your entire world with ceramic plates!

    How to get black marble in Valheim

    You will find Black Marble as a mineable resource from the remains of the Jotun giant. These skeletal corpses can be found scattered throughout the Mistlands biome and are your main source of black marble. To extract these remains you must have the Blackmetal Pickaxe, which is obtained in the Desert biome. With a little effort and a little time, you will have plenty of black marble at your disposal.

    That’s all we have on the Ceramic Plate in Valheim. If you’re looking for more Valheim content, check out Valheim Weapon Tier List (2024), all Valheim Cheat Codes, Commands and Item List, and more at Pro Gaming Guides!

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