How to connect accounts and cross-save updates on all platforms


    our Warframe The cross-play guide explains how to link accounts across platforms, and whether a cross-save update is around the corner, so players can finally move their saves to other platforms.

    Warframe has become a mass Games to play for free Over the past ten years, the third-person action RPG has been steadily adding more and more to the formula, with new classes, game modes, and more.

    Since the game is available on multiple platforms, crossplay is a must-have way for friends on console and PC to play together, but you need to know how it works. So, check out our explainer. Warframe Information on cross-play, and cross-save updates.

    How to Link Accounts and Enable Warframe Crossplay

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    Warframe Crossplay allows players to join their friends on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

    While this isn’t necessary for crossplay, you might want to. The link Your Warframe account by going to websiteto choose your name At the top right, and clicking on ‘Link your accounts!

    An image of the Warframe Options menu showing how to enable Warframe Crossplay.

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    to activate Warframe Crossplay, you will instead need to load the game and do the following:

    • Select ‘authorities‘on the main menu.
    • Click on ‘System‘ Tab.
    • Scroll down’Play cross platform‘ And make sure Tick ‚Äč‚Äčicon is selected.

    now you Can play freely with friends on other platforms., or players on matchmaking. Players on different platforms will have a small circular icon next to their name to indicate that they are a cross-platform player.

    Is there a release date for warframe crosssave update?

    An image from Warframe showing a group of characters.

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    is still. There is no release date for Warframe Cross save or cross progression featureso your account is still limited to the one platform you’ve been with since the beginning.

    Digital Extremes. The feature is confirmed to be working.Although there is no word on the time frame when it will be available.

    gave Warframe website On the cross-save it says the following: “Cross-platform saves are not currently available, but we will continue to update the community on when they can participate in cross-platform saves as cross-platform play progresses. to be continued.”

    We’ll keep this section updated when they release more news or a release date on the cross-save feature.

    All this is to break us. Warframe Crossplay, and now you know how to enable the feature in the game.

    For more Warframe, stay tuned to GGRecon.


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