Genshin Impact Bing-Bang Finchball Guide: Secret Summer Paradise Event


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    The Genshin Impact Secret Summer Paradise event is taking place from July 5th, 2023, to August 16, 2023, bringing with it a limited-time area called the Veluriyam Mirage. During the event, you can participate in a large number of Attractions, including the Bing-Bang Finchball, a game where you earn points by making the Finchballs fall further into the table. It reminds me a lot of air hockey, which I played a lot in the arcades as a kid, so it’s by far my favorite minigame of the event!

    How to unlock the Bing-Bang Finchball minigame in Genshin Impact

    After unlocking the event, complete the first chapter of Summer Serendipity called Secret Summer Paradise: Part I – An Invitation from Afar! Doing so will unlock the attractions section of the event menu, where you can participate in a large number of mini-games within Veluriyam Mirage. You will also receive a separate event mission to start each minigame.

    Complete the event mission called Aren’t finches the cutest? to unlock the Bing-Bang Finchball minigame, which involves a game of Finchball toss in the Hermits’ Pavilion.

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    How to play Bing-Bang Finchball in the Genshin Impact Secret Summer Paradise event

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    The Finchball will continuously move from side to side. Once you reach the point you want to aim at, hold the Jump button and release to launch the Finchball based on the trajectory of the arrow. The longer you hold, the stronger the launch will be, like a rocket.

    Your goal is to make sure that the Finchball lands in one of the three sections on top of the table. Each section represents the number of points that Finchball will add to your score:

    • Blue – a point
    • Orange – two points
    • Pink – four points

    You should know that the Finball will recoil when hitting objects and other Finchballs. This means that aiming for the top of the table will not guarantee that you will land on the pink box. Use the “blockers” around you and Finchball’s unique abilities to help you score more points.

    Finchballs can also be moved by other Finchballs. In the example above, I aimed the new Finchball at an existing one, forcing the existing one up and reducing the impact of the new ball’s trajectory, allowing both to land along the four-point line. Try using this cheat to help you get more points!

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    Each stage looks different, so you need to adapt to different game environments. Special finchballs will also appear as you progress. These have unique abilities that you can take advantage of to score as many points as possible.

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    To claim rewards, go to the events menuselect attractionsand select Bing Bang Finchball to claim rewards for your effort. You need 10 points to get all the rewards, but only four points for the Primogems. I had to redo some stages multiple times to get all four points, so be patient if you run into trouble and try to use different shot angles and intensities to your advantage.

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