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    The Ascension update drastically changed Phasmophobia, adding many newer things to do in the game. Among them is the reworked tutorial, which can be tricky to complete. To help you, I completed this tutorial and created this guide to help you do the same.

    Phasmophobia Ascension Update Tutorial Walkthrough

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    When you start the tutorial, pick up the flashlight with the action button (E). Head over to the truck’s exit and grab the keys before going inside, where you’ll find whiteboards explaining the new gameplay and what you have to do. Before you progress, here are the default buttons for some important actions in the game.

    • Interact = LMB
    • Use Item = RMB
    • Grab or Pick Up = E
    • Place Item = F
    • Drop Item = G
    • Cycle Items = Q
    • Special Action = T
    • Open Journal = J
    • Crouch = C

    Sanity tutorial

    Once you go through room 3, you will be greeted with a few sanity bottles you can choose from with the action button and drink by pressing RMB. If you are unable to choose them, you are likely carrying three items, one of which you can throw by pressing G.

    Lighting tutorial

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    In the next room, you have to mess with the lights and main board to figure out how they work. First, try switching off the main board on the left and turn it back. Next, turn all of the light buttons on the right, which will shut down the main power and show you can only have a certain number of lights turned on at a time. To move to the next room, just turn on the main board.

    EMF tutorial

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    In this room, pick up the EMF and turn it on. You will have to look for objects the ghost has touched or interacted with, while keeping an eye on EMF to see if it goes about 5. Once it does, note it down in your journal, and you can move ahead.

    Ultraviolent (UV) tutorial

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    Next, you will have to grab the ultraviolet light tube and use it to find any footprints left behind by the ghost. Once you see them, mark them in your journal and move to the next room.

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    Temperature tutorial

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    Grab the thermometer from the table and check the different rooms for freezing temperatures. The thermometer only works at only 1/3 of its original speed, so it will take some time to check each of the rooms. But if you want to get it done quickly, it’s the second last room where you see the temperature going down. Write that down in your journal to go into the next room.

    DOTS tutorial

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    Pick up the DOTS light from the table and use it by pressing RMB, to show the ghost in that same room. (I don’t know about you, but this gave me have a panic attack.) After you spot the ghost, you can note that down in your journal to move on to the next room.

    Ghost Orb (Camera) Tutorial

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    Here you will have to grab a camera and start recording in night vision. Look around in that room to find the ghost orbs, which you will easily get. Just be careful of the dummies in white clothes (they are not ghosts, but they do scare you a lot).

    Ghost Writing (Notebook) Tutorial

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    This time you have to pick up the notebook and check whether the ghost writes on it or throws it. The first few times I accidentally threw the book instead of placing it, so make sure you place it by holding F and putting it on the table. Whatever the ghost does, note it down in your journal and go into the next room.

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    Spirit Box (Radio) Tutorial

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    In this room, pick up the radio box and turn off the lights in the next room. The button for the first light is on the right wall in this room, and the second button is on the next door in the same room. After turning the lights off, turn the radio on and try checking different areas of the room to talk to the ghost. Speak via the mic and say “Where are you” to get a response. (Even I was puzzled for at least 15 minutes by this.)

    Hunting Tutorial

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    During this last phase, the ghost will attack you. Normally whether a ghost attacks depends on your sanity level (below 50 and it’s more likely), but in this tutorial, it will happen regardless. Once the attack starts, hide inside the lockers and wait for a chance to escape via the exit. The tutorial will now complete, meaning you are prepared for Phasmophobia.

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