Best Dark and Darker Ranger Build



    Even in Dark and Darker, firing at range can be an easy way to win. Using the Ranger class is a good way to earn wins by simply staying safe and firing headshots. Of course, the class will only be best in the hands of a player with decent aim. There are plenty of perks and skills that Rangers can equip to do their job more efficiently, though.

    How to build Ranger in Dark and Darker

    Best Ranger Skills in Dark and Darker

    Most of the good skills for Ranger buff its damage output little by little so that it ends up dealing some of the best damage in Dark and Darker. Players will need to try and hit their headshots if they want the extra 5% damage from Sharpshooter. Other skills on Ranger can help the use get out of sticky situations, either by helping lay traps or with quick damage options for enemies that get too close.

    Best Ranger Skills

    • Quickshot
    • Multishot
    • Field Ration

    Best Ranger Perks

    • Sharpshooter
    • Nimble Hands
    • Ranged Weapons Expert
    • Kinsethesia

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    Best Ranger Gear in Dark and Darker

    Rangers want to be nimble, so any gear that increases movement speed is what Rangers will want to equip. The best option for this is the Cloth Armor. It’s not a bad idea to have one melee weapon as well for the Ranger, just incase an enemy gets too close.

    How to play Ranger in Dark and Darker – Tips and Tricks

    Most of the gameplay for Ranger involves hiding on high ground and looking for those headshots. An underrated tip for Rangers, though, is to use traps more often. A trap in front of a doorway especially can lock in place an enemy. Another good idea is to bring extra arrows so that the Ranger doesn’t run out. I find it can be tough playing with only a few arrows left.

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