How to Complete the Shadow Siege Event in Warzone – MW3 Reveal Event



    Shadow Siege is a new limited-time game mode in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 available from August 17 to 21. It is essentially the in-game reveal event for Modern Warfare 3, the 2023 installment in the FPS franchise. Below I have listed the step-by-step process on how to complete the LTM in Warzone.

    Shadow Siege Event Warzone Guide

    Deploy into the game of Shadow Siege with your friends or random teammates. You’ll see a cutscene involving Commander Graves who’ll describe the mission objectives to you. When the time comes, jump out of the plane and go to the missile launcher marked red on your tac map.

    The remaining missiles will be assigned to the other squads deploying with you into Al Mazrah. Activate the panel in the back of the missile container and hold the area until the missile is armed. Defend the area against the wave of AI reinforcements coming from all around you. After the missile capture is complete, you can go to the remaining uncaptured ones on the map and help other teams.

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    Once all the missiles are captured, you’ll be redirected to the Zaya Observatory tunnel. Go inside and equip a gas mask to survive the radiation. Your objective here is to find the gas canisters and deliver them to the exfil points outside the tunnel. You can only carry one can at a time, but don’t worry as other players will be doing the same task.

    Meanwhile, the AI soldiers nearby will keep engaging you, so you’ll have to fight them as well. I suggest you take out the Juggernaut first. In case you die, don’t worry as you’ll redeploy right back to Mt. Zaya with your loadout to continue with the mission. Once all the gas canisters are delivered, get inside the exfil helicopter and wait for it to take you out of the Warzone. That’s it, now you’ll see a cut scene that will lead you to the Modern Warfare 3 reveal trailer.

    Shadow Siege Event Warzone Rewards

    Image via Activision

    You’ll receive the following rewards for completing the Shadow Siege event in Warzone 2:

    • M13C Assault Rifle
    • Serpent Slayer vehicle skin for the helicopter ()
    • Gas Canister weapon charm
    • Crimson Sound calling card
    • Konni Group emblem
    • 1 Battle Pass Token

    Once you capture the assigned missile launcher, you’ll be rewarded with the Serpent Slayer

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