Fontaine Fishing Association Location, Items, & More! (Genshin Impact)



    With every new region comes a fresh Fishing Association for all of Teyvat’s seasoned anglers and anglers-in-spirit. And in a nation sprawling with Hydro, it only makes sense for Fontaine’s fishing scene to be top-notch.

    If you’ve been itching to get all of the new Fontaine fishes, the region-exclusive fishing rod, here’s everything you need to know to begin your angling journey in the nation of justice.

    Where to find the Fontaine Fishing Association in Genshin Impact

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    The Fontaine Fishing Association is located in the ocean northeast of the Court of Fontaine. You can easily spot it through the dedicated Fishing Association icon in the World Map. It’s run by Delaroche, who you can find standing on top of a half-sunken, broken bridge in the area circled above.

    The easiest way to get here is by diving from the underwater Teleport Waypoint northeast of the Fishign Association.

    All Fontaine Fishing Association Items in Genshin Impact

    Below are all the items you can buy from the Fontaine Fishing Association. Among them, I recommend purchasing the Fishing Line Stabilizer immediately, as only costs three Fish and can help make fishing a lot easier.

    Item Price
    Formula: Sour Bait x3 Fish
    Formula: Flashing Maintenance Mek Bait x3 Fish
    Maintenance Mek: Technical Demo Type
    x5 Maintenance Mek: Water Body Cleaner
    x5 Maintenance Mek: Situation Controller
    (Fishing Rod)
    x20 Maintenance Mek: Initial Configuration
    x20 Maintenance Mek: Water Body Cleaner
    x20 Maintenance Mek: Situation Controller
    x20 Streaming Axe Marlin
    Fleuve Cendre Ferryman
    x4 Maintenance Mek: Platinum Collection
    x10 Rippling Heartfeather Bass
    x10 Blazing Heartfeather Bass
    x12 Streaming Axe Marlin
    Martens’ Omni-Fix
    (Fleuve Cendre Ferryman Refinement material)
    x2 Maintenance Mek: Platinum Collection
    x5 Rippling Heartfeather Bass
    x5 Blazing Heartfeather Bass
    x6 Streaming Axe Marlin
    Fishing Line Stabilizer
    x3 Fish

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    Genshin Impact Fleuve Cendre Ferryman stats

    The Fleuve Cendre Ferryman is a versatile four-star sword that can be used by just about any sub-DPS sword user in the game. It offers a massive Energy Recharge boost, giving you more room to explore other stats for Artifacts. If you’re torn about getting the Fleuve Cendre Ferryman, I highly recommend taking the plunge and spending your fish on it, as it can be used by so many characters in the game.

    • Base Attack: 42 to 510
    • Substat: Energy Recharge (10 to 45.9%)
    • Passive: Ironbone
      • Increases Elemental Skill CRIT Rate by 8/10/12/14/16%. Additionally, increases Energy Recharge by 16/20/24/28/32% for five seconds after using an Elemental Skill.

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