How to Complete Stitch’s Level Seven Friendship Quest in Dreamlight Valley


    Disney Dreamlight Valley brings chaos home when Stitch lands in the Valley. After completing a few quests in his friendship questline, he will start to get a little restless. Here’s how to complete Stitch’s level seven friendship mission, Stitch’s Hobby, in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

    How to complete Stitch’s hobby in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    To start this quest, you will need to have completed the first two quests in the Stitch quest line, Goodness Level Check and Very Sleepy Stitch. You will then need to raise Stitch’s friendship level to level seven and have invited both Ursula and Ariel to your village. There is no hidden requirement to start this quest. You will only have to talk to Stitch, who is very, very bored.

    Surely a hobby would help him, right? Stitch first gives you a broken TV that he used to watch. Gather the following materials to help you repair it:

    • Nine tinkering parts (made from six iron ingots, which are made from 30 iron ores and six coal ores)
    • Three Gold Bars (made with 15 gold nuggets and three coal ores)
    • Three pieces of glass (made from 15 sand and three coal ores)

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    Once you’ve gathered all of that, you can use them to create stitch tv from the Piece of furniture crafting menu tab. She brings the TV to Stitch’s house and talks to him. She watches a monster movie with him, which, unsurprisingly, she doesn’t get enough of. He needs an adventure! She starts by changing his outfit through her Wardrobe Menu to a sports top, pants and shoes.

    You must take Stitch to a place full of adventures, so go to the mystical cave on stunning beach. She talks to Stitch before he runs to the bottom of the cave. Chase it. Stitch really wants to find a Sea Monster, and the closest thing to that you have in the Valley is Ursula. He goes to visit her at her house to get kicked out. She’s not having any of Stitch’s antics today.

    Talk to Stitch. She still enjoyed seeing a sea monster, but wonders if there are friendlier sea creatures. He watches as she talks to Ariel, who explains how Ursula stole her voice. This causes the wheels in Stitch’s head to spin again. She talks to him one last time to learn that she might want to make music his new hobby before the mission is complete.

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