Should you make Gene leave or stay at High on Life?


    High on Life is a humorous adventure starring two humans and a retired alien bounty hunter who seems oblivious. He will be asked to make different conversational decisions with different characters that he will meet. Among these many characters are your sister Lizzie and Gene, the retired alien bounty hunter. They will have many discussions among themselves about different things that are happening within the story. Lizzie will meet her new boyfriend, Tweeg, and Gene will discuss her sudden trust in him. Within the conversation, Lizzie will accuse Gene of being a space racist and ask him to leave because of the particular comments he’s making. So is Gene a space racist or should Lizzie hear it on High on Life?

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    Is Gene a space racist or should Lizzie listen to Gene?

    Gene could be a space racist. But ultimately, this decision doesn’t really matter. Lizzie won’t listen to Gene, which will become a plot point as you have to rescue her from her boyfriend. Of course, when you rescue her, you find out that maybe the one who really needed rescuing was Tweeg.

    Lizzie and Gene will bicker with each other throughout the game, but that’s just for character development. In fact, most of the decisions you make in the game are simply because of the environmental aspect of being in a game developed by the team behind Rick and Morty and Trover Saves the Universe. One of these many decisions occurs early on when you are asked to choose which guard is the most attractive before entering The Slums.

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