How to complete Get 3 Crests in Resonant Tower in Wuthering Waves (Map)


    Milestones are a great way to earn a lot of Union XP in Wuthering Waves. However, the Obtain 3 Crests on the Resonant Tower milestone in the Tower of Adversity: Stable Zone is one of the trickiest, as the Tower of Adversity is locked at the beginning. In this guide, I’ll go over how to unlock the Tower of Adversity to achieve this milestone in the game.

    How to Unlock the Tower of Adversity in Wuthering Waves (Location)

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    Before unlocking the Tower of Adversity, your Union level must be at least 16 or higher and you must have completed the Clashing Blade main quest. Now you should have unlocked the Alone in the Abyss Tutorial Questand if not, complete any other available tutorial mission to unlock it.

    Once unlocked, follow the quest and head to her location to talk to her. sanhua. After that, you will get the objective of heading to the Tower of Adversity, where you will have to talk to a few different characters, who will unlock the tower and give you the objective of completing one of its floors.

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    Climb the tower and start the first floor with your best team (it will be a moderate challenge). Your characters must be level 40, which you should already be due to the Clashing Blade quest. Here are some recommended team compositions you can use for the tower.

    • calcharo, Jianxinand Baizhi
    • Bis, Jianxinand Baizhi
    • Jianxin, Jianxinand Baizhi
    • Jianxin, Verinaand yangyang
    • calcharo, yangyangand Baizhi
    • Jianxin, yangyangand Baizhi

    If you don’t have these characters, you can use Homeless who is a great damage dealer, and with him, you can use two other characters, such as Baizhi and yangyang as support for the tower’s clearance.

    During both waves, prioritize gaining distance from enemies and grouping them together to deal damage to all of them simultaneously. This will make it easier for you to defeat them, and if you manage to dodge them perfectly, you will get even more damage and deal stun damage.

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    Once you defeat all the enemies, you will see an option pop up to leave the tower or continue to the next floor, but you don’t have to continue as you will complete the quest and get 3 crests on the Resonant Tower landmark with only one floor.

    Once you’re done with the tower, you can claim the milestone rewards and talk to Sanhuato to complete the Alone in Abyss quest. Milestone and quest rewards are 250 (100+150) Union XP, 20 Astrite, 10,000 Shell Credits, 2x Basic Resonance Potions, and 2x Basic Sealed Tubes.

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