How to Complete All Circuit Breaker Challenges in Kill It With Fire 2


    If you’re having trouble completing all the objectives in the Hem Foods and Furniture level, here’s how to complete all the Circuit Breaker challenges in Kill It With Fire 2.

    How to Reset All Circuit Breakers in Kill It With Fire 2 Hem Foods and Furniture level

    Kill It With Fire 2 Circuit Breakers are a fun challenge to complete in the Hem Foods and Furniture level. The further you go, the more difficult the challenges will be. But I have some tips for you to complete them all.

    If you fall into the fog, insects will attack you and kill you. However, if you do this near the last circuit Breaker, don’t give up. Keep moving and jumping until you see the switch glow and can hit it. It takes a while for the insects to completely invade you and you have a really long range.

    How to reset the switches in the cafeteria in Kill It With Fire 2

    First, jump to plank and go up to the switch next to the Café Hem sign. This one should be easy to get; just don’t go.

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    Once you get it, you will have to jump to the trash cans progress. You could try to get to the table in front of you, but I found that the light almost always hits me and drops me into the fog to be killed by the bugs. This first challenge has no time limit, so you can do it as slowly as you need as you get used to it.

    How to Reset Circuit Breakers in the Household Items Section in Kill It With Fire 2

    The challenge becomes more difficult with three switches which you will need to reset in the home goods section. As soon as you start the challenge, head to the right. on the carpets and the white shelf with the teki coffee makers. You have to be fast like him the fog will lift quickly. But don’t worry, it goes back down, so you’ll just have to time your movements through this area so that the fog doesn’t rise when you’re closer to the ground.

    Click the switch, then go up through the table and jump on it boxes. Stay on top of the pile to avoid fog. Once this is done, go up to the another stack of boxesjump across Beach chairs to the plants and you will reach the last switch.

    How to reset switches in the warehouse in Kill It With Fire 2

    This is one of the hardest challenges to complete, although there is only one switch you need to reset. This challenge also has a time limit, so you’ll have to be quick.

    When you start the challenge, turn up the plank leaning against the cash registers. Follow the boards until you reach a dead end. Now you have to jump on top of the boxes. Be careful when jumping, as you can sometimes be pushed back if you catch the edge of the object. Jump from a distance to make sure you land right on top.

    Once you go up, use the lane to cross and jump pallets. The same strategy applies here: don’t get too close and leave some distance between you and the pallets to successfully jump. Bend to pass and get to the other side. Jump onto the railing and don’t move. The strategy here is to jump first and then move forward once you’re in the air to avoid falling again.

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    How to Reset the Switches in the Main Exhibition Room in Kill It With Fire 2

    The Kill It With Fire 2 main showroom has four switches that you need to reset, as well as a time limit. There are some tricks to make them easier without having to cross the center of the room.

    First, jump onto the TV stands to reach the first switch. Once you’re done, cross the boxes to the first chair. Follow them until you reach the stairs. Climb up and look towards the second switch on the other side of the wall, and you’ll see that you can reach it safely.

    Now, don’t go back down to the showroom; instead go on the other side of the balcony to the other switch. You can easily reach this one too. When you get it, climb the wall and walk to the end, jump over it fallen chair, and then press the last switch to complete the final challenge.

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