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    Phasmophobia is full of exciting paranormal challenges that players must embark on daily and weekly, and one of the most difficult of all is the Audio Only Challenge.

    Designed to test your investigative skills to the limit, Audio Only means you’ll have to focus on uncovering the ghostly culprit almost exclusively through sound. If you’re wondering the best way to do this, here’s our handy Phasmophobia Audio Only Challenge Guide to explain all the tips and techniques you will need.

    How does the Audio Only challenge work in Phasmophobia?

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    While the daily and weekly tasks are fairly simple objectives that can net you a little extra cash and EXP, if you’re looking for a truly rigorous challenge with a much larger reward, Weekly challenges They are ideal for you.

    As the name suggests, they change weekly and sometimes you will land on a Audio Only Challenge. The objective is the same as any other Phasmophobia game: correctly identify the ghost lurking in the chosen location. However, in this case, you are encouraged to “use your ears” by identifying him almost exclusively through sound. It should also be done in sunny meadows map.

    If you successfully identify the ghost and finish the investigation (dead or alive) three timesThe weekly challenge rewards you with an amazing $5,000 (plus experience). That can definitely help raise the bar for those Prestige Ranksand unlock Challenge-related achievements.

    What are the rules of the Phasmophobia Audio Only challenge?

    As expected, the audio-only challenge in Phasmophobia focuses heavily on Sound as your main tool.. For those who have already hunted ghosts in the game, it may not seem so bad… well soundsThe real difficulty with this challenge is where it takes place.

    The audio-only challenge must be completed in the sunny meadows Asylum, the largest map in the game to date. Before you ask, This challenge cannot be done in Sunny Meadows Restricted.and it won’t count as completed if you try.

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    When you arrive at the location, you will be given a specific load of tools to use during his investigation. You will notice that There are quite a few elements missing that would otherwise make things easier.such as Sanity Meds, Crucifixes, EMF Readers, Salt and Video Cameras.

    As for the tools provided to you, by level they include:

    • Level I: Igniter, head gear
    • Level II: Motion sensor, photo camera, fire light, ghost writing book, flashlight, DOTS projector
    • Level III: Sound sensor, parabolic microphone and Spirit Box.

    Only level 3 items focus exclusively on sound-based clues, while lower level items focus on other types of evidence.

    Other important rules to remember are:

    • There is NO Cursed Possessions to use.
    • The fuse box is permanently brokenso it can’t be used (have fun discarding a genie).
    • You get a five minute grace period to find the location of the ghost and set up the tools you need.
    • You must complete this challenge. three times before the end of the weekly timer to receive the full $5,000 reward.

    Top Tips for Completing the Phasmophobia Audio Only Challenge

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    Managing to complete this audio-only challenge in Phasmophobia not just once but three times is a serious task that requires exceptional strategy, knowing how to maximize your time and sanity, and, above all, knowing the unique traits of each ghost in the game.

    That being said, here are some tips I recommend considering before setting foot in Sunny Meadows. These can be a decisive factor in completing this challenge and taking home the trophy.

    Practice with custom mode

    If you’ve mostly relied on the default quest modes to gain experience in Phasmophobia, attempting to tackle this unique Challenge Mode will likely leave you feeling like a fish out of water. Before we get into this, you should consider trying a few runs in custom mode first.

    With it you can design hunts as you want, taking care of even the smallest details. You can even try to mimic the Audio Only challenge on a smaller map, that way you’ll have a good idea of ​​how to handle it when you enter the giant Sunny Meadows building. You’ll also get EXP in custom mode, so it’s a win-win.

    Avoid doing this challenge alone

    It may not be what you want to hear, but completing the audio-only challenge on the gigantic map of Sunny Meadows is actually almost impossible. There are several dozen rooms to search in labyrinthine hallways, your sanity will quickly sink into darkness, and you don’t have many protective items to protect you against or during hunts.

    The only time I might suggest going alone is if the ghost appears in a room near the front door of the building. That can allow you to set up items quickly and get the clues you need before the worst happens.

    However, to maximize your chances of success, I still recommend doing this challenge with friends., ideally as a group of four. This allows you to cover more ground in the asylum quickly to identify the ghost’s location and also set things up faster. A collective mind can also help you weed out those misleading clues and uncover the culprit as efficiently as possible.

    Get creative with your tools

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    You may think that the equipment you’re given is all you have to use, but this challenge also encourages you to get creative with other tools right under your nose.

    For example, you may not have video cameras to place around the asylum to track visual clues like Ghost Orbs or DOTS, but you can still make use of the truck’s cameras. There is eight cameras in total that you can Use it and with any luck your ghost will be in one of those rooms.

    While you don’t have access to the Fuse Box or Sanity Meds to help you regain your sanity, remember that you can still Use Firelights to keep your sanity high while searching for the ghost’s room. Since they are Level 2, they will eventually be consumed, so use them wisely. However, they can ensure that you stay out of hunting range for as long as possible.

    Another trick to locate the ghost from the beginning, which is already recommended when making maps of this size, is Place sound sensors in each main area before anything else.. Since they are level 3, they have a very wide range and can be boosted to listen in several rooms at once. From the truck, you can hear objects being thrown, doors opening and closing, and other special interactions.

    Also, since you don’t have an EMF or thermometer to pinpoint the ghost’s exact room/area, use the Motion sensors help.

    Pay attention to the features of the ghosts.

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    Another important technique that routine ghost hunters often overlook is paying attention to the unique traits of ghosts. Aside from the traditional clues that help you determine what a ghost is from the list, Each ghost in the game actually has unspoken traits that are unique to them..

    For example, some ghost figures are more visible than others when they flash during a hunt. A Ghost is the least visible, while an Oni is the most visible. A demon can hunt more frequently (every 20 seconds) than any other ghost. A Yokai can hunt with 80% sanity if you talk to it frequently through the Spirit Box. A Yurei is the only ghost capable of closing the front door outside of a hunt.

    Not only that, it is also crucial to listen to a ghost’s walking speed during a hunt in Phasmophobia. If you listen closely, you may be able to hear them walking slower or faster than normal. This can help uncover your identity as much as anything else you encounter.

    A spectacular tool for discovering this particular type of clues is the Unofficial Phasmophobia Cheat Sheet.

    Know how to escape from a ghost.

    While ironically, being alive at the end of an investigation is not a requirement to complete the challenge, Knowing how to stay alive as long as possible remains vital to success.. While hideouts are plentiful on much smaller maps like Tanglewood, where you don’t have much room to run around, large ones like Prison and Sunny Meadows offer very few hideouts.

    Instead, you’ll have to use the building’s staggering amount of space to escape the ghost instead of hiding from it.. One of the first things you want to know when starting an investigation is your escape route in the event of a hunt. Fortunately, Sunny Meadows has ridiculously long hallways, as well as a courtyard where you can keep distance between you and your ghostly pursuer.

    That concludes our Phasmophobia Audio Only Challenge Guide. I hope you found it useful and let us know if you managed to complete this challenge. What tips worked best for you?

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