How to buy cryptocurrency in BitLife


    One of the best features of the latest stock market update is the ability to invest in cryptocurrencies. To do this, you will need to purchase the Stock Market package and purchase any Cryptocurrency of your choice to create a Crypto-based portfolio.

    How to buy the Trading Expansion Pack?

    To purchase the Stock Market Pack, follow the steps provided.

    • Launch BitLife from your preferred platform.
    • After starting the game, click on the three stripes icon at the top left of the screen.
    • In the new window, navigate to Expansion Packs at the bottom of the page.
    • In the Packs window, buy the Stock Market Pack for $5.
    • Restart the game and enjoy the Stock Market Expansion Pack.

    How to buy cryptocurrency in BitLife

    After purchasing the Stock Market Pack, you can buy any Cryptocurrency. Click the Assets button on the main screen and select Investments. Now, in the Investment Types section, choose the Crypto option. The game will provide you with a list of Cryptocurrencies to buy. Select anything you like and choose the number of coins you would like to acquire.

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    If you are concerned about the profitability of coins, we recommend hiring a personal financial advisor to suggest some advice before you buy anything. It also applies to other forms of investment like stocks, bonds, and more. After buying cryptos, you will see the returns/losses by aging and revisiting the investment column.

    The best cryptocurrencies in BitLife

    The following are some of the cryptocurrencies that tend to be somewhat stable and profitable on BitLife.

    • BussinBux(BUSN)
    • PupBux(BTCH)
    • DeepCoin(BALZ)
    • CheekCoin (PIE)
    • Tokeum(TOUCH)

    Remember, the list of Cryptocurrencies varies slightly for each Life. Still, it remains the same for most.

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