How to build Cooper Howard in Fallout 4 (The Ghoul)


    Making a post-apocalyptic zombie cowboy from the show Fallout is easier said than done. After creating Ghoul’s appearance by placing as many scars as possible, focus on his stats and perks. Here’s how to build Cooper Howard in Fallout 4.

    Best build for The Ghoul in Fallout 4 (Cooper Howard)

    While Bethesda has revealed Cooper Howard’s official SPECIAL stats in Fallout Shelter, they cannot be used in Fallout 4. In Fallout 4, you only have 21 starting stat points (28 total, since you can’t go below 1 for a statistics). ), compared to Shelter’s 40. You can improve your stats as you level up, but you have to start from somewhere.

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    Cooper Howard from the show Fallout is tough as nails, making him one of the most dangerous people in the wasteland (hell?). His ghoul physique grants him many immunities, while his experience in war and cowboy skills make him an efficient killing machine. Therefore, I focused SPECIAL points on Stamina, Perception and Agility. Coop was a charismatic Hollywood actor, but as a demon, he wasn’t likable to the people around him, so I invested his charisma points elsewhere.

    SPECIAL Statistic Points
    Strength 2
    Perception 6
    Endurance 5
    Charisma 1
    Intelligence 4
    Agility 6
    Luck 4

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    Best Ghoul Build Perks in Fallout 4

    In Fallout 4, you can max out all SPECIAL stats (if you play a lot) and choose perks from each stat group. With my first few level ups, I’ll be focusing on matching Coop’s famous weapon skills by choosing the gunfighter benefit (non-automatic pistols deal 20% more damage). In the later stages of the game, I will focus on Howard. Luck to revive his critical hits that became his trademark on the show. Below are my general perk recommendations based on Coop’s abilities shown in Amazon Prime’s Fallout.

    SPECIAL Statistic SPECIAL Benefit
    Strength Good aim – As a real wasteland cowboy, you want great accuracy when shooting from the hip.
    Perception Rifleman, Awareness, Sniper – Perception is the Ghoul’s main stat and offers advantages that make it as dangerous as it is in the Fallout show.
    Endurance cannibal, macabre – Coop is a demon, making these perks essential to his character build.
    Charisma lonely wanderer -Howard works best when he’s alone. At least that worked for him for the last 200 years.
    Intelligence gun nut – We all saw what Coop can do when he has access to custom weapons and ammunition (especially against power armor).
    Agility Gunfighter, Moving Target, Quick Hands – It’s hard to hit the Ghoul! Combine quick moves with gun skills and you’ll have a deadly cowboy.
    Luck Bloody mess, best reviews – Cooper always finds a way to kill enemies in a bloody way.

    Cooper Howard’s best weapon in Fallout 4

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    The Fallout program does not mention what model of weapon Cooper uses, but everything points to the MTs-255 sawed-off revolver shotgun. You can add it to the game through the MTs-255 Revolver Shotgun Mod for Fallout 4. You can find this weapon through random weapon vendors and by dealing with the Gunners faction (you can find it in the Commonwealth region, mainly near Mass Bay Medical Center and Hub City Auto Wreckers). If you want to speed up the process, type “help MTs-255 4 weap” as a console command and then “player.additem_weapon_ID”.

    Now that you know how to build Cooper Howard in Fallout 4, find out how Fallout viewers discovered where they’d heard Overseer Benjamin before here on MyFullGames.

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