How to become a Soul Reaper in Peroxide explained


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    Peroxide is a Roblox game, inspired by the anime Bleach, and if you’re playing it is important to know how to become a Soul Reaper. Below, we will outline everything you need to know about becoming a Soul Reaper in Peroxide.

    There are a few different steps to follow to become a Soul Reaper, and it can be a bit of a process. We will also give an overview of what being a Soul Reaper does in the game and what benefits it can offer in Peroxide. 

    What is a Soul Reaper in Peroxide? 

    Peroxide Home Screen

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    Peroxide is inspired by Bleach, so a lot of the systems in the game are copied directly from the anime. This means that Soul Reapers are a race of spirits, and one of the three factions you can join in the game, including the Hollow and Quincy. It will influence your abilities and more. By becoming a Soul Reaper you can also achieve Shikai.

    How to become a Soul Reaper in Peroxide

    Peroxide gameplay

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    • To start with, choose your gender at the beginning of the game 
    • From here, you will need to go chat with Kisuke who can transform you (follow the white eye icon) 
    • You can also die by another character in the game, causing you to become a Soul Reaper
    • Now you are a Soul Reaper, and ready to embark on your journey in Peroxide

    That is all there is to know about becoming a Soul Reaper in Peroxide. If you would like to know how Limit Break works in the game we have you covered and we have also outlined all Rogue Shinigami locations in-game. For more, take a look at our Roblox homepage. If codes are more your thing, we have them all here too.


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