How to become a Quincy in Type Sol.


    I become Quincy Kind of soul Not too hard to do, provided you know where to go. Kind of soul One is popular Roblox Game based on anime and manga, Bleach.

    Becoming a Quincy is a great way to become powerful fast. the game, and look good doing it. Here’s how to become an I Quincy. Kind of soul.

    How to reach the Quincy world in Type Sol.

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    There are two ways to get into the Quincy world and become a Quincy, you must either find a portal to bring you there or acquire an existing Quincy. If you have a Quincy friend, or ask another Quincy nicely, they can. Teleport you there and save you trouble. To track the portal.

    Failing that, you can always transport yourself to Quincy’s world. Unfortunately, in the map Kind of soul There aren’t the most obvious signs, but if you follow these directions you should find the portal relatively easily.

    First, head to Big city bridge. Cross the bridge, then go left until you find a. Big park. At the opposite end of the road next to the park, you will see a dark. A tunnel door.

    You’ll know it’s the right tunnel if it has snow on the ground and vegetation growing on top of it. Go into the tunnel and you will come to a portal. Use the portal to travel around the Quincy world..

    How to become a Quincy in Type Sol.

    The statue that makes you Quincy in Type Sol.

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    Once you’re in the Quincy area, you need to explore. Large statue of worshipper. It’s easy to find, as it’s in the middle. Large structure in the middle of the map. If you see what looks like a large fort or fort with big pillars around it, that’s the place.

    Go there then go inside. In the middle of the wide open room will be several stone structures with torches on top, and a large statue of a winged man with a sword in the middle.

    You must be one. A lost soul To interact with the statue. If you go to the statue and nothing happens, you have to go and kill it once to unlock the option.

    Once you’re ready, talk to the statue and it will ask if you’re a worshiper of the king. Say you do. Worship the king And you’ll turn into a Quincy.

    That’s it for our guide to becoming a Quincy in Type Soul. For more, visit our Roblox homepage, or check out our Type Soul Shikai tier list.


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