Honkai Star Rail Trial of the Equilibrium 6 Guide



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    So you’ve reached level 65 after all those chronic Honkai: Star Rail hours of playing. Congratulations! Before you can proceed to the next balance level, you must first complete this level’s test. Here is a quick guide for that.

    HSR Equilibrium Guide Level 6

    With each Trial of Balance in Honkai: Star Rail, my core strategy remains the same: bring a DPS that is strong against one of the two bosses indicated, a healer, and Fire Trailblazer. You can also use another shield like Gepard, but Trailblazer ensures that your team is protected every turn, which is better for Equilibrium Trials.

    The best team compositions for Trial of the Equilibrium Part 6

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    By Equilibrium Level 6, you can get away with a team like Welt (for the first boss), Sushang (for the second boss), Fire Trailblazer, and Natasha. For my team, I have a level 70 Sampo and Sushang to cover my bases. Of course, if you have yanqingit’s the best DPS to bring here as both bosses are weak to ice.

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    How to Beat the Balance Test Part 6

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    Tier 6 balance bosses are glow out of space and shape shifter. Of the two, Shape Shifter is the more annoying to deal with while healing. As long as those Maras are around, he will regenerate HP every turn. Fortunately, they will only summon Mara two or three times. So as long as you defeat them and resist, Shape Shifter shouldn’t be a problem at all.

    Blaze Out of Space is like a glass cannon. It hits hard but is not very resistant. It will be much easier for you if you defeat him quickly and ignore all the ads. With Trailblazer putting up shields and taunting him every turn, you should live long enough to see him defeated.

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