Call of Duty is giving away its most hated bundle for free.



    If it’s not a Mil Sim, it’s not worth keeping, right? Well unfortunately Call of Duty In the past, he has long since ditched the gray and brown cargo pants in favor of money-making crossovers and whimsical skins.

    One of the most divisive skins is Rat Operator, though, where a massive head saunters around the screen like Robb Stark’s post-Red Wedding corpse, completely draining the immersion and realism for some laughs.

    But after enough trolling fans put $20 deep into their wallets to buy skins, Call of Duty Now controversially giving it away for free.

    Call of Duty is giving away free rat skins.

    The WSOW Rat Pack bundle was first introduced to celebrate Ratty plays in the World Series. War Zonewhich is the most important event in a battle royale game where players often hide in the shadows to get the most important placement points like a rat.

    However, after originally hitting stores for $20, the exact same Rat Pack bundle is now being promoted as a Prime Gaming bargain, meaning you can collect it for free with an active membership.

    The news follows the conclusion of the WSOW qualifiers on Twitch and comes directly before the finals live in September.

    Call of Duty players are upset after spending money on a free rat skin.

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    With skin now coming free to Prime Gaming subscribers, Call of Duty Fans have taken to social media to condemn the decision and have started demanding refunds.

    “I’ve been waiting for a skin to come out. And I had CP for it and it was the only skin I was going to buy, and now it’s free,” said one fan on Twitter, who splashed out on his CoD savings bundle before it was released for free.

    “So no refunds to those who spent money on this? What a royal scam,” added another. “Great, I wasted 20 dollars,” “Can’t make this thing lmao,” and “Screw you because I had to pay for it,” other fans added.

    We believe both are going to be possessed by a rat. Modern Warfare 2 And War ZoneWith a well-hung Dark Noir skin, both will be equally annoying to play against.



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