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    I’ve been waiting for Luka to come out in Honkai: Star Rail for a VERY long time. I wasn’t going to care if he was good or not; he was going to be built and used in most of my weeklies. Fortunately, any endearing redhead voiced by my favorite Japanese voice actor wasn’t going to disappoint. Luka is good but needs a lot of investment. Here’s how to build him.

    Best build for Luka in Honkai Star Rail

    Luka is a single-target Nihility DPS that works extremely well against bosses. This is because of the Physicals’ “Bleed” break effect, which deals extra DMG based on the affected enemy’s Max HP.

    Best Light Cones for Luka in Honkai Star Rail

    The great thing about Luka is that you don’t need a four-star Light Cone on him to make him shine. Among the three options I’m about to give you, the first two are my top picks.

    • We Will Meet Again (4*): After Luka uses his Basic ATK or Skill, he deals Additional DMG equal to a % of his ATK to a random enemy that has been attacked. Since Luka only deals single-target damage, the extra damage is only guaranteed to hit one target.
    • Good Night and Sleep Well (4*): For every debuff the target enemy has, Luka deals extra DMG by a set %, stacking up to three times. This effect also applies to DoT, like Bleed!
    • Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat (4*): When Luka hits an enemy, and if the hit enemy is not already Ensnared, then there is a 60% base chance to Ensnare them. Ensnared enemies’ DEF decreases by a set % for one turn.

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    Best Relic Sets and Planar Ornaments for Luka in Honkai Star Rail

    Since Luka is best used against bosses, a full Champion of Streetwise Boxing kit will serve him well. He’ll easily reach that stack buff and deal big damage! If you’re having trouble farming for pieces with good stats, you can also temporarily put half of that set on him and half Musketeer of Wild Wheat.

    The correct Planar Ornament’s an easy pick too: Rutilant Arena. It increases Crit Rate, Basic ATK, and Skill DMG—all the things you want buffed on Luka.

    Which stats should you boost on Luka?

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    Luka’s really easy to build. Just think of him as any other DPS. Scale Crit Rate/DMG first and foremost, then focus on ATK. The goal is a comfortable 1:3 Crit Rate/DMG ratio (such as 50% Crit Rate, 150% Crit DMG), so you’re maxing out all the possible stats you can with the current equipment set you have.

    • Body: Crit Rate/DMG
    • Feet: SPD
    • Rope: ATK
    • Orb: Physical SMG

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    With Luka, another thing you want to do is to scale his ATK as much as possible by using substats. While the Bleed inflicted by his skill makes the enemy take 24% of their Max HP, there’s a cap. That cap is 130%-370% of Luka’s ATK. So, if you had a 2,500 ATK Luka with a level eight skill (where the cap is 260% of Luka’s ATK), the enemy will take max 6,500 of damage as a Bleed DoT.

    Best Luka Team Comps

    Luka works really well with ATK/Crit DMG buffers like Bronya, Tingyun, and Yukong. They help him increase his damage output. SPD buffers like Asta work okay too, so he can get more turns.

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