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    Holocure is a free-to-play fan-made game inspired by Vampire Survivors and Magic Survival. You play as a Vtuber idol from Hololive as you try to fight your way through enemies and save your fans. As you play, you’ll unlock a variety of characters who are also idols. I’ve made a list of these characters for you, so it’s easier for you to know which one you should be using.

    Top Holocure Character Tier List, Ranked

    Each of these characters possesses a unique skill set. They have their own weapons and abilities, which you can then rank up by further progressing in the game. In this list, the characters in the S-tier have the best and most powerful abilities, while the D-tier characters have the weakest.

    Tier Idol
    S Aki Rosenthal, Ceres Fauna, IRyS, Nekomata Okayu, Sakura Miko
    A Akai Haato,Hoshimachi Suisei, Nakiri Ayame, Ookami Mio, Ouro Kronii, Shirakami Fubuki, Taknashi Kiara, Yuzuki Choco
    B Amelia Watson, Calliope Mori, Gawr Gura, Hakos Baelz, Inugami Korone, Minato Aqua, Murasaki Shion, Nanashi Mumei, Oozara Subaru, Roboco-San, Yozora Mel
    C Natsuiro Matsuri, Ninomae Ina’nis, Tokino Sora, Tsukumo Sana
    D AZKi
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    Best S-tier Characters in Holocure

    S-tier idols are must-haves; these characters have the most effective combination of regular and special abilities.

    • Aki Rosenthal
      • Aki’s weapon sends out an Aik to the closest target and fires a beam. Their special ability summons rose petals, dealing 50% damage, 20% Slow, and 20% Healing.
    • Ceres Fauna
      • Ceres Fauna’s weapon sends out three razor-sharp leaves that spiral outward into targets. Their special ability summons a giant tree, which increases healing. This also gives Fauna an invincibility buff for 10 seconds.
    • IRyS
      • Their main ability is called Nephilim Blast, which shoots a dual light blast. The special ability is Hope is Descending, which drops from the top and explodes for 250% damage.
    • Nekomata Okayu
      • Okayu’s main ability is to throw an onigiri in a curved direction while hitting everything on the way. Their main ability makes them invincible for six seconds, increasing speed by 50% and eating all non-boss targets. It also heals her for 5%.
    • Sakura Miko
      • Sakura swings a gohei that creates a burst of Sakura blossoms. Their special ability is creating a zone around Sakura that summons hot flames and burns everything for 8 seconds. Targets within this zone take 50% more damage.

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    Best A-tier Characters in Holocure

    A-tier are quite powerful idols that balance the effectiveness of their main abilities with their special abilities.

    • Hoshimachi Suisei
      • Suisei swings a bloody axe in a curved direction, with their main ability summoning a rain of falling blocks that deal 300% damage for five seconds.
    • Ouro Kronii
      • Ouro Kronii’s main ability stabs two random targets with clock hands, while their special ability emits a time blast that gets stronger each second.
    • Yuzuki Choco
      • Yuzuki thrusts a giant needle at their front, dealing damage. Their special ability reduces the target’s attack and damage by 30%, recruiting the target to their side for 8 seconds.

    Best B-tier Characters in Holocure

    B-tier idols have either decent main abilities or decent special abilities.

    • Amelia Watson
      • Watson shoots three projectiles at targets, slowing down all targets by 80% and firing 50% faster for 10 seconds with their special ability.
    • Yozora Mel
      • Mel bites the targets in front, freezing any non-boss targets for four seconds with their special ability.
    • Inugami Korone
      • Inugami punches forward in a cone area, while their special ability creates a wave of exploding Yubis.

    Best C-tier Characters in Holocure

    C-tier idols have quite average abilities, that don’t do a great deal of damage at all.

    • Tokino Sora
      • Sora shoots a spinning star, gaining wings which increase attack and healing with their special ability.
    • Ninomae Inanis
      • Ninomae spawns a tentacle with their regular ability, while spawning eight of them with their special ability.

    Best D-tier Characters in Holocure

    D-tier idols have below-average regular and special abilities. These are the ones you should ignore.

    • AZKi
      • AZKi sends out a music note that deals damage to the target it hits, while their special ability spawns lights that do damage to all targets for six seconds.

    In the end, of course, the characters you should use are always the ones that you have the most fun playing with. Therefore, I would recommend you try out all the idols before settling on your favorites!

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