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    Nipulon is the penultimate reward you need to acquire in High on Life from Squanch Games. He is an alien who seems to be related to both 9-Torg and 5-Torg. As the penultimate reward, he is a bit more difficult to fight than the rewards you got before him. After talking to Helen, the Moplet receptionist who he must talk to to get the Gunning for Your Job achievement, he should wait until Nipulon is free to see her in his office. After entering, you will immediately engage him in combat. It is important to note that this battle consists of four phases, so we have written all the details you need on how to defeat Nipulon in High on Life.

    How to defeat Nipulon in High on Life

    Nipulon is a tough customer, but if you know how to fight him, it’s a piece of cake. We outline each phase of your fight with him and how to defeat them below.

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    • Phase 1
      • The first phase is the easiest. Once you are let into his office, your fight with him will start immediately. You can attack him with any of your Gatlians because once he reaches 60% health he will immediately drop a hallucinogenic drug that will change the fight.
    • Phase 2
      • After inhaling the drug, you’ll find yourself in a strange landscape filled with things you’ve come across on your adventures. Of these many things there is Gene, with whom you will have to talk to continue. After your conversation with him, he will point you in the direction of a hole that has a beam of white light running through it. Walk into this hole both to continue and for a pretty awesome experience. After falling down the hole, you will fight Nipulon a second time, but this time, he will separate into different clones. You will have to look for the original Nipulon (the one with orange skin) and reduce his health to 30% if you want to go to the next phase.
    • Phase 3
      • In this phase, you will need to talk to Lizzie, who will also point you in the direction of another hole with a beam of light. Falling into the hole will trigger a fight similar to the second phase, but this time, Nipulon and his clones will shoot lasers at you. You will have to dodge these lasers, look for the original Nipulon among his clones and reduce his energy to 10%. After this, you will be sent to another landscape where your goal will be to find the Gatlians in different locations in your immediate area. After finding all four of them, Gus, Sweezy, Kenny, and Creature, another hole will appear with a beam of light shooting through it.
    • phase 4
      • In the final phase, you will be dropped into an elongated version of the hallway directly in front of Nipulon’s office. You’ll also have all four Gatlians equipped, so you’ll just have to move through the hallway while shooting all the clones that come your way until you reach the real Nipulon at the end. Once you’ve reached him, you’ll stab him to death with Knifey, take the bounty from him, and get the Self Realization achievement.

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