GTA fans pick the best setting in the series, and it’s not Vice City.



    There are so many places in the Grand Theft Auto series that it’s hard to keep track, but some are widely known – and for good reason.

    From Los Santos to the recent return to Grove Street, the Grand Theft Auto series has always managed to skillfully put together an open world that encourages exploration and a great playtime every time a new title comes out.

    There are many corners of the United States to play in GTA, and fans flock to pick their favorite group. While you might think you might be able to pick the fist position, the result might surprise you.

    GTA fans consider Los Santos to be the best setting in the series.

    Call it retroactivity or fate, fans have come together to decide that GTA V’s sprawling city of Los Santos is the best location in the series’ history.

    A user in the GTA subreddit put it up to people to decide their favorite city in the history of the franchise, and the majority of comments pointed to the LA-inspired city from GTA V.

    “Driving in Los Angeles, I’m constantly reminded of how authentic Los Santos is,” says one user. “Not just landmarks, but just recognizing random buildings and seeing them later, yes! It’s an apartment building from GTA V!”

    “I was just on the pier two weeks ago,” added another user. “On the coast to the north the mountains, the beach, the pier and the houses against the beach itself. It felt like I was in the game.”

    Fans turn off the sounds on their favorite GTA city.

    Golf course in Los Santos.

    Click to enlarge.

    Although the mention of Los Santos got the most votes on the post, that doesn’t mean there’s a lot of love for other cities in the GTA.

    “The Liberty City of GTA IV,” says another commenter. “Not because of my biased reaction that I live near there, but because that city feels alive and vibrant, like the real New York.”

    “San Ferro is underrated and Vice City in HD would definitely be great,” added one San Andreas fan. “Otherwise I’d say Liberty City.”

    Regardless of where you sit on the best GTA city debate, it’s fair to say that they’re all pretty good. Pick your favorites at the risk of being torn to pieces by trolls, though.



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