GTA 6 leaker receives death threats for ‘inside’ scoops


    It’s true that Grand Theft Auto leaks have been the main reason we know anything at all about the upcoming GTA 6, and for that alone, we should probably be very grateful.

    There have been legal actions against people who were sharing details before the rock star was ready to disclose, and it’s getting tougher for leakers. This has created a huge barrier for those who believe they have details to share. Now, the game’s community has turned on those same Lakers.

    GTA Leaker Hits Back Against Death Threats

    A leaker who has been sharing details about the upcoming GTA 6 has come under fire from GTA fans who are questioning the veracity of his claims. The alleged insider claims he has been sent death threats in response.

    I have been deeply disturbed by receiving information about the most dangerous death threats and their intentions.“says Chris Marks on Twitter in a thread.”It is sad that some of the most vocal people seem to avoid the consequences of their actions. This experience is truly disturbing.

    Saying that he is disappointed”Deeply disturbing“Behavior of the little one, Marcus shows the other side of GTA 6 leaks. See, it’s not all about bringing together GTA Online updates and crackpot theories.

    Even the shares of these tweets on Reddit are “Mental disorderDespite the fact that they have received death threats, making fun of Laker. It’s alarming that even GTA fans are now turning on someone who has clearly fallen victim to the worst of the internet. Even if their leaks are not accurate, no excuses.

    Fans debate Chris Marks claims.

    In the comments of the Reddit post, fans clapped back against the original post, arguing that they were within their rights to react in such a way after receiving death threats. “Imagine death threats being sent just because of leaks that may or may not be true.“says one user.

    Y’all need to touch some grass cause at the end of the day it’s just a *****g video game!” added another, “Are you suspicious of death threats on the Internet? Are you new to the internet?“We know you’re frustrated about the decade between GTA 6 and GTA V, but sending death threats is a concern.

    The Internet has clearly turned on the death threat senders, which is a refreshing new pace to say the least. GTA has a fan base. nutsBut as the months of waiting turn into years, we expect things will probably get worse before they get better.


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