Get Started in The Witcher TTRPG with an Amazing Humble Bundle Deal



    The Witcher is a new wave of machines, which is a perfect place to start now. You can go to to buy the entire collection of the R. Talsorian Games’ The Witcher TTRPG core and add many more details. You must pay $18 for each of 15 books in total, including The Witcher TTRPG core book, A Book of Tales, A Tome of Chaos, Lords and Lands, and a Witcher’s journal, and if that sounds like a big deal, you can do it here.

    Outside of The Witcher, the collection is comprised of several key books as well as the Claw of Falkenstein’s kern, The Revolution, Nincen, The Classics of a King, the Master, the Master of The Battle, the War of the Wind.

    Getting so much material for just $18 is a great deal, and even if you put in more, you will still be out incredibly far ahead. The Witcher: Blood Origin is coming out this month and The Witcher season 3 is in the news, and the next-gen update to The Witcher 3 will also seem to be a great time.

    The Humble bundle is backed by the Starlight Children’s Foundation, and you can find the official description below of the bundle.

    There is no doubt that the witch hunt is a legend.

    Journey into the dark and dangerous world of Geralt of Rivia in the tabletop roleplaying game Witcher created in collaboration with Red / CD project! Gather a collection of rules, adventures, and supplements that will tell the world about heroism, betrayedness and supernatural horror. And, at R. Talsorian Games, you will find more TTRPG settings and volume volumes.

    After some journey, the bards will sing about for ages, and how much money you get to help us financially raise the Starlight Children’s Foundation, are we raising now!

    Do you intend to study The Witcher’s TTRPG?



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