Azael wanted to owe the future of the LCS after Riot moves gamedays for 2023 season


    After Riot Games announced they were going to move the LCS-based games to play on Friday and Thursday instead of the weekend slate, LCS caster Azael took to Twitter to discuss the concerns that the move was wrong.

    It’s a change I raised a ton of concerns about internally, Azael tweeted.

    He described the change as scary and admits that he’s worried about the future of the football and his career as a ltd player. He also raised questions relating to the data, which Riot shared earlier today in their esports broadcast updates.

    The data show that, in some cases, many or even more viewers are watching Twitch on weekdays, but how will this be applicable to our audience?

    Other issues include how the viewers who prefer to watch esports, who prefer to watch those whose content they normally consume, compare to the broader viewer’s experience.

    Because there are still many important questions to ask, Azael acknowledges it’ll take time before the consequences of these changes are fully known. He quickly transformed his response into a positive tone, with emphasis on the improvements a broadcast team has made over the course of the last 2022 season. He stressed that the players increased their focus during broadcasts, interviews and video content.

    He end the thread by saying that he believes that the LCS could be more competitive than ever before and sends a message to any worried fans of the league.

    Much love to all of the LCS fans, and know many of us share the same concerns that you have.We’re seeing & reading everything people are saying online, and it sucks to know that lots of fans I made contacts won’t be able to watch live anymore.

    Isaac CB (@AzaelOfficial) December 16, 2022

    The comments in response to the Azaels thread on Twitter were filled with LCS fans blaming how a new schedule will likely stop them from watching.

    Having watched LCS live without interruption since 2014, even in the bo-3 era where I literally stayed and watched the last game before going out for the night (sometimes at weekends at Minnesota-7:00). I trust you and would appreciate a shot. Even though I can’t take out a hive of 12PM PST, it isn’t possible for me.

    (@avtu) December 16 – 2022 2022 (et al.

    I have to say that, as long as I can’t watch the LCS live, I’m very sad, because many of the players whose lives have been around so long is gone. We have many other jobs that are eight- and nine-five, M-F, are retired.

    Jacob S (@JTSim17) December 16, 2022

    Streamer and game designer Brian Kibler shared his anger with the schedule changes, which earned a lot of interest from Azael.

    This is a huge wink, man. And it will let us all betray you, since that is going to hit both immediately and directly with the audience. Happy with that new young players getting interested in broadcasting during school.

    Brian Kibler (@cinct) December 15, 2022

    Even the LSC’s doublelift voiced confusion with the new schedule and start times.

    Don’t you know a great deal about things? -12pm Thursdays – HAHAHA

    Yiliang Peng (@Doublelift1) December 16, 2022

    Though there’s no doubt about logic, data and reasons behind the changes, it’s clear that no one in the league is completely convinced that the gamble’s going to succeed.


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