Get ready to stream, as Destiny 2 Legacy Collection is free on Epic


    As part of the Epic Games Store holiday sale, Destiny 2 Legacy Collection is available for free. With three campaigns, 37 exotic weapons, 15 exotic armor pieces, and the Stasis subclass, there’s plenty for players looking to dive into or expand on the base game.

    With The Final Shape expansion delayed until June 2024, there’s plenty of time for players to work through this mountain of content. Even though the story is completely incomprehensible with Destiny 2 in its current state, each campaign has some impressive moments and scenes.

    What’s included in Destiny 2 Legacy Collection on Epic?

    The sale runs through December 20, 2023. Compared to Steam’s listing for The Legacy Collection at $59.99, $0 on Epic can’t be beat. It’s certainly better than what I paid when each expansion was released with seasonal content that was later removed.

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    Players head to Luna to work with Eris Morn and uncover the mysteries behind the Red Keep and the specters that haunt it. Aside from a reused location from Destiny and a brief campaign, not much was added with this expansion.

    beyond the light

    Players head to the icy moon of Europa to work with the enigmatic Exo Stranger to uncover the secrets behind the pyramids and stasis. With the recent improvements to Stasis, it’s worth picking up the subclass and playing around with it. Of all the elemental mages, cryomancers are the coolest.

    The witch queen

    The Witch Queen is possibly the best expansion in Destiny history and it literally stops me with my jaw hanging open several times. In addition to the Throne World of Savavathun, players can travel to the Mars Enclave to craft weapons. No longer forced to chase God Rolls to obtain all weapons, players can adapt weapons to their play style.

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