Fortnite Star Wars LEGO Update Leaks: Get Ready for Lightsaber, C-3PO and Death Trooper Skins


    The Fortnite x Star Wars crossover event is getting closer with every parsec we travel towards Star Wars Day, and cosmetics are filtering out across the galaxy. This time, we’re getting LEGO versions of C-3PO, Death Trooper, Rebel Trooper, and Chewbacca!

    In yet another leak from Hypex, we learned that this year’s Star Wars Day will be celebrated in all Fortnite modes. Post X shows an unconfirmed image (via @jorge_most) featuring many popular characters from the Star Wars universe. While we already knew Chewbacca was coming to Fornite and Death Trooper looks amazing, I was really happy to see C3PO. He will arrive in a silver version with a work uniform; I’m curious to know the background of his outfit.

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    In addition to cool outfits, the leak also mentioned LEGO Fortnite lightsabers. I can only imagine the impact a lightsaber would have in LEGO mode, combined with Force powers. Running through the open world of LEGO and brandishing a lightsaber is an opportunity that I will not miss for the world. I bet Fortnite will take inspiration from the LEGO Star Wars games that are popular among fans.

    The Fortnite x Star Wars event will arrive on May 3, 2024 and will introduce several new cosmetics and see the return of (as rumored) lightsabers as mythical weapons. I hope to see Force powers with similar mechanics to Avatar’s Elements, which you can currently play with.

    In addition to Force powers and lightsabers, you can anticipate Star Wars musical action at the Festival (The Cantina Band!) and pod racing in Rocket Racing. Those things are on my wish list, but I’m sure they’ll be featured at this year’s event. Now, if only we could create a Death Star in Construction mode…

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