Arena Breakout Infinite will give Arma and Squad a run for their money with upcoming PC beta


    A new looting, shooting, damn honking and mining game is just around the corner. Arena Breakout Infinite is a hyper-realistic military simulator with all kinds of goodies for FPS players to enjoy. If you’ve been hooked on a free-to-play shooter that promises stunning visuals, endless customization, and stunning landscapes, you’ll be happy to know that a closed beta is just around the corner.

    In early May, a select few will have access to Arena Breakout: Infinite for a bootstrap game on the ground to help fix even more bugs or pass on early feedback to the developers. So let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

    What is Arena Breakout Infinite?

    Like games like Arma, Squad, and Escape From Tarkov, Arena Breakout: Infinite has all the bells and whistles an FPS addict could ask for. First of all, it’s free! That’s right, you and your friends can jump into Arena Breakout without spending a dime. Customization is a huge selling point, allowing you to customize your weapon to a ridiculous degree. Changing sights, muzzles, barrels and magazines, and adjusting a weapon to suit your needs.

    Taking a look at the customization options for an assault rifle makes me foam at the mouth to get my hands on it. There is also the advantage of forming a squad with friends and potentially random teammates to start long-term friendships.

    Since we FPS players like to look at our weapons more, you’ll be happy to know that Arena Breakout: Infinite looks impressive and offers a visual experience that we hope will continue to hold up until launch. What can be better than a free game with great visuals and hundreds of firearm customization options? I can’t think of much.

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    In Arena Breakout: Infinite, you’ll drop into the Dark Zone (fancy words for the maps you’ll be playing on) and must loot, shoot, and exit the area before other players loot your corpse. Think Escape From Tarkov, but without the cheaters. Developer MoreFun Studios has promised its community a crackdown on cheaters or any unfair competitive advantages, which is all well and good, but we’ll have to see if they really live up to it.

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