Fortnite Rocket Racing Jackie Skin Not Unlocking – How to Fix


    Epic Games is offering some free rewards in Rocket Racing Ranked, like Jackie’s skin. However, some players are having a problem with Jackie not unlocking. Here are some solutions to try.

    How to Fix Jackie Skin Not Unlocking in Fortnite Rocket Racing

    To unlock Jackie’s skin in Rocket Racing, you must play Ranked mode and reach gold rank. Unfortunately, even doing so, some players have been unable to claim their free character reward. While this is probably a bug that Epic Games will need to investigate and fix, there are also other solutions you can try to fix it.

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    • Change game modes – The game may need some time to process that you have met the requirement. You can try changing the game modes to Battle Royale or LEGO and then change back to see if it activates.
    • Restart your game – Similar to changing game modes, you can also try restarting the game completely to see if the rewards appear once you re-enter the game.
    • Reach Gold II – If you still don’t receive the rewards after changing game modes and restarting, you can try to move to the next rank. Some players confirmed that ranking up once again granted the reward.
    • Contact Fortnite Support – If you still have problems, you can always try to contact the Fortnite Support team that could personally help you with your problem.

    Many times, mistakes like these are just a waiting game. Hopefully these small fixes will help, but if not, you’ll probably have to wait for a patch to be released that fixes the problem. Either way, you’ll eventually get your hard-earned rewards!

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