Flashlight Tag codes (August 2023)


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    Our coverage of the working Flashlight Tag codes is perfect for those looking to get some exclusive crates and credits in the game.

    Flashlight Tag is a popular Roblox hide and seek game. The game features a team of hiders who are tasked with sneaking around and avoiding getting caught, and a team of taggers who need to catch the hiders with their flashlights. 

    If you want some cool cosmetics in the game, so that if you get caught you’re at least stylish, we’ve got you covered with the Flashlight Tag codes, and how to redeem them.

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    Flashlight Tag codes (August 2023)

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    With Flashlight Tag codes you can get free rewards in the game, such as credits and crates. Check out all the codes below.




    Redeem this code to get a colour box


    Redeem this code to get a common crate


    Redeem this code to get 1500 credits

    Are there any Flashlight Tag expired codes? (August 2023)

    Currently, there are no expired Flashlight Tag codes.

    How to redeem Flashlight Tag codes

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    Image via YouTube: LoLoPo

    It’s important that you know how to redeem Flashlight Tag codes once you have the full list. Here’s the entire process for getting your rewards.

    • Click the Twitter button on the bottom of the main menu
    • In the new window, enter a code into the text field
    • Select ‘Redeem‘ and enjoy your freebies

    Now you know everything there is to know about Flashlight Tag codes, including the full list and how to redeem them. 

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