How to Fast Travel in Palia


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    If you’re wondering how to travel fast in Palia, then your search ends here. Similar to other RPG titles, travelling by foot is not the most efficient way to explore the open world of Palia, as it will take up a lot of your valuable time—that’s where fast travel comes in handy! With it, you can instantly teleport to different locations on the map by spending some gold coins. This Palia guide provides a detailed rundown of all the key information about fast travel and how it works in the game.

    Can you Fast Travel in Palia?

    Yes, players can fast travel in Palia. However, this system is well hidden in the game; I had to discover and activate the fast travel points before I could use them. The game also offers the “Return to home” option, which instantly teleports your character back to the game for a small fee.

    Fast Travel Methods in Palia

    There are mainly two ways to fast travel in Palia:

    • Use the stable board
    • Use the ‘Return Home’ button

    How to use Stables for Fast Travel

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    In Palia, the teleport waypoints are denoted by Stable boards, which in turn are indicated by a horseshoe icon on the map; you’ll find them scattered across multiple locations in the world.

    Follow these steps to fast travel to a different location using a stable:

    1. Find a horseshoe icon on the map.
    2. Interact with the stable board by pressing the ‘F’ key on your keyboard once you reach there.
    3. A menu will appear with a list of available destinations.
    4. Select the destination you want to travel to.
    5. Pay the required amount of gold to confirm your choice.

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    How to Return to Your Home Plot via Fast Travel

    How To Return to Your Home Plot via Fast Travel
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    Returning to your home in Palia is pretty simple: all you need to do is open the in-game map, find the “Return Home” button in the top-right corner of the screen, and click on it. Note you have to wait for 30 minutes before you can use it again; to check the remaining time, just move your mouse over the button.

    Can you Skip Time in Palia?

    No, you can’t skip time in Palia. On top of that, the game doesn’t allow you to skip time while your character is sleeping. Although many players have been requesting a time skip feature on various social media handles and forums, the developers have not issued any official statement on whether they will implement it in future updates.

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