FFXIV: All Hildibrand Quests & Quests Listed (Update 6.45)


    Hildibrand Manderville is one of the most popular supporting characters in FFXIV and the protagonist of the Hildibrand Adventures side quests. A series of comedy missions, initially they were just in the game for fun. But with the release of Endwalker, Hildibrand’s quests are now part of a huge chain of relic weapon quests that players will need to complete. Here are all the Hildibrand Adventurers quests listed.

    The Adventures of Hildibrand (A Kingdom Reborn)

    These quests appeared in the post-A Realm Reborn expansion game and were for level 50 characters.

    • The rise and fall of knights
    • back in the saddle
    • after his own heart
    • the immaculate deception
    • The science of deduction
    • The hammer
    • Manderville Men
    • the three collectors
    • The betrothal business
    • a burst of inspiration
    • seeds of rebellion
    • a case of indecency
    • eight arms and dangerous
    • what a price win
    • The problem with truffles
    • the enigma of the coliseum
    • Shadows of the Sil’dih
    • fight between brothers
    • under the mask
    • untold truths
    • your last vote

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    More Adventures of Hildibrand (Heavensward)

    Image via Square Enix

    These quests appeared in the post-expansion game Heavensward and were for level 60 characters.

    • A knight falls, before he flies
    • don’t call it a comeback
    • Gigi’s situation
    • The measure of a mammet
    • A lookout to call our own
    • Don’t trust anyone over sixty
    • The proud and the sharp-eyed
    • If I could turn back time

    Even more adventurers from Hildibrand (Stormblood)

    Image via Square Enix

    These quests appeared in the post-expansion game Heavensward and were for level 70 characters.

    • A Hingan Tale: Nashu Goes East
    • Life imitates art imitates life
    • of wolves and knights
    • In the Eye of the Hingan
    • the lost sword
    • The black heart below
    • Good swords, good dogs,
    • the past is never past
    • don’t do the dew

    Hildibrand’s adventures in Shadowbringers?

    Hildibrand did not appear in Shadowbringers for any mission. However, there is an Easter egg in one of the dungeons! If you have completed all of Hildibrand’s previous adventurers, then you can see Hildibrand as one of the summoned Warriors of Light in The Heroes’ Gauntlet dungeon!

    Somehow more adventurous than Hildibrand (Endwalker)

    Image via Square Enix

    In Endwalker, a new Hildibrand questline was added. At the time of writing, there are eight in total.

    • the sleeping knight
    • a moving meeting
    • moon conspiracy
    • the imperfect knight
    • The inspection show
    • Generational link
    • by unknown agents
    • not from around here

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