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    Free online sci-fi FPS Destiny 2 has stayed on top for over five years thanks to a constant stream of content updates. However, if you’re an inexperienced player, the sheer weight of equipment and other options can be quite overwhelming. When I started out, I found the D2 Armor Picker website tool very useful, as it takes the best gear from your inventory depending on its class without having to navigate through thousands of stats and information. But what if the D2 Armor Picker doesn’t work for you? Read on for my list of possible solutions.

    How to fix issues with Destiny 2 D2 Armor Picker

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    At the time of writing this article, there is no specific issue with the D2 armor selector so it’s probably just a simple communication issue (although you might also want to check the D2 maintenance schedule). Any Clearing your cookies, using a different Internet browser, logging back in, adjusting your antivirus software, or trying incognito mode should help you get back on track.. We’ll go into a bit more detail on each of these below.

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    D2 Armor Picker Fixes

    • change internet browser: Browser updates can interfere with everything from site layouts to loading videos to running apps, so if D2 Armor Picker worked for you before, it’s worth trying another browser to see if that fixes the problem.
    • Sign out and sign in again: The old classic, turn it off and on again. I would suggest logging out of the game, then the website, then logging back into the game, then the website.
    • Clear your cookies:Cookies are the absolute bane of my internet life and like many I tend to go along with everything these days. But this has the potential to cause conflicts and issues, so removing them might solve your problems with D2 Armor Picker.
    • go incognito: Most Internet browsers have an incognito mode. If all else has failed up to this point, try opening a new window in your browser in incognito mode and log in that way.
    • Antivirus settings: Try temporarily disabling your antivirus settings or (if you’re an advanced user) make sure both Destiny 2 and the D2AP site have access through it.

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