FC 24 Ultimate Team (FUT): Best Ways to Get Coins Quickly


    Although EA Sports FC 24 is a new name for the franchise, the gameplay and game modes remain familiar. Ultimate Team returns in FC 24 with the same style of collectible card game from previous years. EA Sports FC 24 FUT features many different ways to earn rewards and upgrade your team. I enjoy building my team from scratch and earning coins can be a great way to purchase new player cards. These are the best ways to get coins quickly in FC 24 FUT.

    How to earn coins fast in FC 24 FUT

    There are several ways to earn coins in Ultimate Team, mainly by playing. You can also earn coins by completing seasonal, daily, weekly and milestone goals. While there are many different ways to earn coins, these are the fastest ways to do it.

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    Play Squad Battles in FC 24 FUT

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    Playing is the best way to earn coins in FC 24 FUT. Coins are earned for each full match played and Squad Battles is the best game mode to earn coins quickly. Squad Battles are shorter than the other game modes and only require you to play against AI opponents, so you can quickly accumulate coins by completing matches.

    Complete objectives in FC 24 FUT

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    Completing objectives in FUT can earn you coins quickly. While some objectives will reward you with coins, most will reward you with XP, player cards, or other items, some of which can be sold. Some of the reward packs are not tradable, but there are plenty of objectives to complete to earn other rewards and earn coins quickly. There are live, seasonal, milestone, and pivotal goals to complete, including daily, weekly, and event goals that are constantly updated. Check the goals page frequently to see what rewards you can earn to get more coins.

    Complete moments in FC 24 FUT

    Completing Moments is a great way to accumulate coins quickly. Many Moments are not complete matches and can be completed quite easily. Completing Moments earns you stars, which you can then use to purchase packs. Selling the contents of the pack can earn you a lot of coins depending on the cards.

    Use the trading market in FC 24 FUT

    Trading market is one of the best ways to earn coins, but it takes some knowledge and practice to figure it out. If you can buy and sell player cards for profit in the Trading Market, you can earn a lot of coins very quickly. Keeping track of player card price changes and new card releases can be hard work, but earning coins and better player cards is definitely worth it.

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    Overall, simply playing matches in Ultimate Team can earn you coins pretty quickly. By keeping track of objectives, completing matches, and exchanging rewards, you can earn a lot of coins early in your Ultimate Team career.

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