Fallout viewers think they’ve solved the mystery of the Ghoul vials


    A small line of dialogue between two Ghouls in Prime Video’s Fallout TV show could have revealed a big secret about how the Ghoul drug works. It was believed that the Ghouls’ survival was related to the yellow vials they regularly drink, but it seems there is more to that story than meets the eye.

    One of the main characters of the Fallout television show, Cooper “The Ghoul” Howard, is an unlikely human who remembers the world before the apocalypse. Despite being disfigured, he managed to stay alive for 217 years, thanks to yellow vials of a mysterious medicine.

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    However, a simple line of dialogue between Coop and Roger reveals that normal Ghouls may not need any medication. When we meet Roger on the show, Coop tells him that he doesn’t have any vials. Roger responds by saying the following:

    I did it well. Twenty-eight years since I started exhibiting. Although not as much as you. You have outlived us all. How long ago did you start making Wasteland?

    This pair of sentences implies that normal Ghouls don’t need vials to survive and that vials were invented to prevent Ghouls who started turning into Ferals from completely losing their minds. That would also explain why there are so many non-wild Ghouls in the show, even though vials are extremely rare and difficult to come by.

    At this point, it’s hard to know what the original purpose of the yellow vials was. Some say the NCR developed them to prevent the Dayglow Ghoul population from becoming Ferals. Others say that the vials contain RadAway, which helps Ghouls reduce the effects of radiation. Many organizations in the world of Fallout meddle with scientific experiments, such as Enclave, Big MT, and Vault-Tec, and we have yet to see who exactly is behind those vials and why.

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