Fallout Viewers See Todd Howard Napoleon Painting on TV Show


    As soon as the Fallout TV show came out, Easter egg season began. While fans have already found multiple mentions of the games, one detail celebrated Todd Howard, director of the Fallout titles. And the best way to show gratitude was through the famous painting of Todd as Napoleon.

    Originally seen in Fallout 4, Todd Howard’s painting Napoleon is briefly seen in the show. The good eye of the Reddit user BlakeAbernathy I noticed an oddly familiar painting hanging on the walls in the show Fallout.

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    The Fallout TV show has earned praise for delving into the details, offering fans the chance to peer into every corner of the screen in search of the Fallout Easter egg. While I appreciate fine art, nothing made me happier than hearing a dog called Dogmeat. If that doesn’t warm your heart, nothing will.

    If you’re not familiar with Todd Howard’s Napoleon story, the painting can be seen in Fallout 4. You can see it for yourself if you ever decide to revisit Fallout 4. To do this, head to Diamond City and find the Dugout Inn . When you enter the inn, head left to Room 1, where you will see Todd Howard’s face in the painting “Napoleon Crossing the Alps.”

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