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    Players wanting to burn through Starfild and move on to the next game can simply follow the main story quests to their conclusion. But I can’t help but be distracted by every little side quest that comes my way! One of these is Failure to Communicate, which begins after a random space jump sees you receive a distress call. If you’re as intrigued as I was, read on for my full Starfield Failure to Communicate quest walkthrough. 

    Starfield: How To Complete Failure to Communicate

    To complete Failure to Communicate you’re going to need to go through 14 quest steps. Don’t be put off as many of these are simple conversations. However, you will also need to get your hands dirty, flying a series of space combats against Spacer ships, one large shootout on a space station, and completing one (optional) Persuasion skill check.

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    I’d suggest clearing out your cargo hold (unless it’s huge), as you’ll be taking down at least 20 ships you can loot for Ship Parts and other resources. This is great for leveling up ship combat skills. I’d also suggest making sure you have the likes of Andreja and Barrett in your ship as crew if possible, as you’ll be utilizing their ship skills throughout. 

    Part 1 – Failure to Communicate

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    Your first task is to talk to Alban Lopez who you’ll find at Lopez’s Farm. This will be on a different planet depending on where you picked up this randomized quest, but it is a simple task to select the task in your mission list and auto-travel to and land at the location. Once landed, talk to Alban. During the conversation, he will ask you to repair four communication satellites.

    Parts 2-5 – Repairing the satellites

    You’ll need to be prepared for quite a tough space combat when you head up to repair these satellites. You’ll jump to within close range of three Spacer ships (levels 4, 4, and 10 for me). Once defeated, fly to the relay and fix it. 

    You’ll now need to fly to three more communication satellites nearby (likely in the same system) and fix those too. I don’t know if it will be the same every time, but I found no one guarding the second satellite and three Spacer ships (all level 10) guarding the next. The final satellite had another three ships (the 4, 4,10 selection again) defending it. 

    Parts 6-9 – On Jacquelyn’s ship

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    Head over and dock with the ship, then go aboard. After the three complete their conversations and you’ve spoken to Lopez, he’ll ask you to try and get the other two families to join a defense pact. As a side note, I didn’t find anything worth looting on the ship.

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    You only need to get Chanda to join, but you’ll want to get Jacquelyn on board too. Getting Chanda to join is as simple as speaking to him on the ship, but for Jacquelyn, you’ll either need to pay her 2,000 Credits or complete a six-point, three-attempt Persuasion skill test (I got through choosing two three-point questions in rounds two and three).

    Report back to Lopez and he’ll tell you the location of the rest of the Spacer ships, as well as offering you some ship support. I couldn’t see any harm in taking the help, so I guess you’ll just need to weigh up how good a pilot you are, or how much of a hero you need to be! 

    Part 10-11 – Defeating the Spacer ships

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    You’ll need to take out Spacers in two locations (the order you do them is irrelevant). I found two level 10 Spacer ships and two level fours at the first location, with three ships helping me in the battle. It was exactly the same scenario in the second battle. 

    The NPC ships are actually pretty useful if only to keep the heat off of you while you take them down one at a time. Once you’ve defeated the Spacers at both locations, return to the Lopez farm. Note that you can loot the Lopez Farm buildings without fear of stealing, but there’s little value to be found. After a brief conversation with Lopez, you’ll be off to take out the Spacer base.

    12-14 – Defeating the Spacers

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    The final battle is in two parts. First is a space battle, and then you’ll land on a space station to take out the last of them at close quarters. If you’ve been OK with the space battles up to this point, you shouldn’t be too surprised or worried by this final challenge. Once at the location, you’ll face four ships (levels 14, 10, 10, and 4). and, once defeated, the same again as reinforcements. Then you can land and finish them off.

    The station battle is at close quarters, so a well-trained combat companion such as Coe is a good option here. The battle as you arrive is carnage and great fun, with a bunch of NPCs on both sides fighting up close and personal. Be sure to loot the Spacers afterward to find an epic Hauler’s Navigator Space Suit and legendary Calibrated Grendel.

    There’s the Captain’s Computer in the left corner of the back room downstairs. This says it allows you to change the friend/foe settings on some robots to protect you, as well as remove their combat inhibitors. The problem was, I saw no evidence of any robots so I can only presume this is a little joke on the programmer’s part.

    The final shootout

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    Now you can head up the stairs. Once up there, be sure to loot the mannequins in the glass containers for more valuable items, including an epic Deep Mining Pack and a legendary Repulsing Deep Mining Pack. Move into the lift just past the mannequins and head upstairs.

    The first corridor and room you move into upstairs are safe, as is the upstairs area. You’ll be looking at battling around 20 Spacers, the toughest of which is a level 22 but most of them aren’t too tough (below level 10), with only a few melee guys who’ll run at you. With them all cleaned up, talk to Lopez one last time to complete the mission. 

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