How to get Wakizashi in Starfield


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    There’s a wide variety of weapons to select from in Starfield. Whether you like to use assault rifles, SMGs, snipers, or melee, the game has you covered. One of my favorite melee weapons in Starfield is the Wakizashi Katana, and here’s a detailed guide on where to find it.

    How to get the Wakizashi Katana in Starfield

    First of all, open the Starmap and go to the screen with all the star systems. Select Volii, set course to the planet Volii Alpha, and make the jump. Land your ship on the city Neon Core and make your way to its central section. Just walk down the bridge shown in the third picture, through the security checkpoint, and into the Terminal elevator that will take you to the Neon Upper Platform.

    After you’re out of the elevator, you’ll see a big dragon poster in front of you. From here, turn around to your left and you’ll see another elevator that says Ebbside. This elevator will take you to a different section where you’ll immediately spot Madame Sauvage’s Place. Take the elevator inside to reach the bar, inside which you’ll find Andrea Sandoval in a corner (see third image). Talk to her and ask her to take you to Briggs, the leader of the Ebbside Strikers gang.

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    Follow Andrea up the stairs and she’ll lead you Briggs. Tell him that you want to join the gang and he’ll assign you The Audition quest. In the same room, you’ll find Hatchet. This is the person from whom you can purchase the Wakizashi Katana, but only after you’ve completed The Audition mission. Just bring Briggs a slate from a warehouse to complete this quest. After that, you’ll be able to talk and trade with Hatchet. Ask her what she has for sale and scroll to the bottom of the weapons list. From there, buy the Wakizashi melee, with 49 physical damage and 1.35 mass value, for 5833 credits.

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