Encanceled The Legend of Zelda documentary finally returned to YouTube despite complaints from Nintendo


    DidyouKnowGamings new strategy game The Legend of Zeldas video documentary has returned to YouTube after being removed from the platform upon request of Nintendo. This is one of the few cases in which a YouTuber can win a copyright infringement dispute and see a third of his videos resurfacing in the internet. Everything becomes even more special when it comes to the fact that Nintendo didn’t have the ability to play similar games this time around.

    This is a video documentary about The Legend of Zelda: The Legend of Hyrule, a game that the Nintendo DS is like Final Fantasy. The project was approved by Rare Studios but was eventually blocked by Nintendo. This video shows some concept art and illustrations that were created, but also some feedback from the developers involved in the project.

    This video was removed from YouTube in December after Nintendo complained that it was the rights of copyright.

    Nintendo removed our heroes of Hyrule video from YouTube. This video was journalistic and documented a game that Retro Studios introduced to Nintendo 20 years ago. Attempt to silence a bad journalism at the company and to protect game history is an attempt to stop. We are trying to look for video recovery options, said DidYouKnowGaming.

    When a copyright infringement complaint is filed, YouTube usually removes the video immediately. The author has two options: take note of the situation and take a pass, or to challenge them, if they take large legal risks. In the second case, those who requested the deletion have 10 business days to prove they have sued the author otherwise the video will automatically return online. Here is exactly what happened, as did DidyouKnowGaming confirms.

    It’s possible that Nintendo will again try to remove the video but for that, the company will definitely have to go through a court, with a much longer and tedious process, that’s more than YouTube’s summary justice.


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