Emi – New Beginning – 100% Complete Achievement Walkthrough



    Here is a complete walkthrough with all in-game achievements.

    Complete walkthrough guide


    • Get started.
    • Enter any name or press Enter.

    what is my name?

    • Click Confirm.
    • Save 1.
    • Hug her tightly.

    Tight neck!

    • I’m still the same man you knew.
    • it’s fine. There will be more possibilities.
    • Tell him where his room is.
    • Pull yourself away.

    Honorable man!

    • You are a man of morals…is that really a good thing?
    • I like change.
    • Let him decide to move forward.
    • Tattooed.
    • Gone streaking
    • Sent naked.
    • Agree without fuss.
    • A glance
    • Apologize.
    • Recommend trying something more interesting.
    • Reassure him.
    • 2 Save.
    • Current swimsuit.

    bikini of the heart

    • I love the heart bikini!
    • Hold his legs.
    • I can cook for you sometime.

    I can cook!

    • Offer to cook for him.
    • The truth
    • Show your breasts.
    • Any option

    She is covered.

    • You just need to cover it…


    • You took the loving route, good boy!

    She wants it!

    • Give the woman what she wants!


    • I feel something strange inside me…


    • I think he caught us!
    • Load 1
    • Grab his ass to catch him.

    Support it!

    • This is for assistance only…
    • I’m still the same man you knew.
    • I have started looking for a new job.
    • Insist on helping.

    Helping hands!

    • Helping Amy with her bag.
    • Look closely.
    • Feel her ass!
    • Rub your ♥♥♥♥ on her ass.

    No respect!

    • You are a man without morals… I love it!
    • I liked you when you were shy.
    • Suggest a drinking game.
    • Save 3
    • stole something
    • Gone streaking
    • Experienced with someone of the same sex.


    • Everyone does… right?

    A lot of sauce!

    • maybe a little…
    • As long as he’s fast.
    • A glance
    • The door should not have been left open.
    • Enter the changing room.

    Permission is not required.

    • Enter the changing room!
    • Suggest trying something more interesting.
    • Ask to look back.
    • Before that, the pink and blue one.

    Pink and blue swimsuit

    • I love the pink and blue swimsuit!
    • Rub something on his butt.
    • I would like you to cook for me.
    • Made with someone of the same sex.
    • Tasted like pu**y.
    • Courage

    Courage! I choose you!

    • Choose Courage as your first option.
    • Show your ass.
    • Any option
    • Get her to wear something topless.


    • Get her to make you a sandwich.
    • Give you a lap dance.


    • You took the path to dominance!


    • Good job punishing him!
    • Hit it.
    • Suggest Dougie.
    • See how she feels about anal.


    • Did you just put it where I think you did?
    • Load 3
    • Tattooed.
    • Gone streaking
    • Sent naked.
    • Agree without fuss.
    • A glance
    • The door should not have been left open.

    Good show!

    • Amy is getting a good show!
    • Load 2
    • Black and white swimsuit.

    Black and white swimsuit

    • I love the black and white swimsuit!



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