Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes: The Watch Captain’s First Job complete walkthrough


    Classic JRPG Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes sees you assembling your chosen team of heroes as you explore the world. But first, you need to find them by completing the quest, The Watch Catain’s First Job. 

    The Watch Captain’s first Job walkthrough – Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes

    After you’ve defeated the Golem Pulverizer in the opening part of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, you’ll find yourself in the tavern of the big city, Eltisweiss. Head right and you’ll have a chat with Garr and Lian, where Garr will make you Captain. You’ll then speak with Ymir, Watch Captain, who asks you to gather some new recruits. 

    Add Garr and Lian to your party, and then head outside. You need to have a party of at least six heroes to be able to complete the quest. There are a couple of options you can go for, so I’ve given you some room for maneuver with five nearby heroes you can find. You’ll want to add them all anyway, as you can never have too many options for your team.  

    If you want to complete the quest without fighting any tough battles, you can recruit the following:

    But where’s the fun in that? Recruiting Mellore takes you through a tough but fun boss fight, so she’s well worth tracking down, while you can complete Kuroto’s test in the same location. 

    Location of Iugo (Map)

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    Head east from the tavern to the bar marked on the map above. Talk to the wandering samurai at the bar and he’ll join you. That’s in for Iugo, nice and simple. He will automatically take a place in your party. 

    Screenshot by Pro Game guides

    Note that both Iugo and Yusuke (see below) are short-range fighters so they’ll need to be in the front row but depending on how you’ve set up your party, they may automatically be put further back (they are just assigned the next available slot). This can be changed in the Party menu (press T).

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    How to recruit Mellore in Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes

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    Walk through the center of town (marked on the map as 1 above) and you’ll literally bump into Mellore. It doesn’t matter which direction you come from and you don’t need to speak to anyone. She’s in a hurry on her way to Redthroat Ridge, which you know is a dangerous location. You shouldn’t let her go alone! Head directly south (circle 2 above) and you’ll see Mellore in the distance asking a soldier for directions to Redthroat Ridge.

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    Head south through the gate and out of Eltisweiss. Redthroat Ridge is marked on your map to the east (see above). Note you can recruit Francesca and Yusuke before taking on Redthroat Ridge. There’s quite a tough boss fight there, so you may want a full team. 

    You’ll find Mellore at the beginning of the Redthroat Ridge zone (you can’t miss her). After speaking to her, she’ll join your party if you go along with her plan to rid the area of a magical beast. Once you do, you can’t leave this area until you’ve completed it. It’s a linear zone with the game’s second boss mob, Nerthus, at the end of it. 

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    During the Nerthus fight, Mellore will use two Magic Grimoires. While the game hints at there being a way to predict where Nerthus will attack each round, I’ve not seen or heard of this being anything other than random. I choose left until his metal horn appears, and right after, which seems to be right more often than not. You can completely ignore the books, but you’ll want them to trigger at least once (to take down its armor).

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    Once you’ve defeated Nerthus, you’ll be transported back to the start of the zone and Mellore will offer to join your party.

    Location of Yusuke (Map)

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    If you’re leaving Eltisweiss, you can either head east or west, then north, and then head back on yourself to find Fort Xialuke (marked on the map above). As you go through the gates, you’ll see a man dressed in pink being harassed by the guards. 

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    Talk to the guy to find out he is a desperado who the guards have seemingly mistaken for a criminal due to his rather flamboyant fashion sense. When you get a conversation choice, select, Welcome to the ranks, and Yusuke will join your party. 

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    How to recruit Kuroto in Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes

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    You can find Kuroto in Altverden Village (see the map above). You’ll need to complete a test set by Kuroto before the hunter will join you. However, if you intend to recruit Melorre, you’ll complete his task automatically by exploring Redthroat Ridge (you have to kill some boars, which are regular random mobs in that zone). 

    Screenshot by Pro Game guides

    Also, note that you can kill the boars before or after speaking to Kuroto. If you’ve already killed them, just speak to him again immediately after he gives you the task, and he’ll acknowledge you’ve completed it. 

    Location of Francesca

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    This is a straightforward recruitment. Head to Altverden Village and then move to her location (marked on the map above) and enjoy a comical cutscene where she deals with some street thugs. Afterward, she’ll join your party. Francesca is a great addition as she’s a healer, which should save you some money on Healing Herbs!  

    Completing The Watch Captain’s first Job with Ymir

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    Once you have at least six heroes in your party, return to the tavern in Eltisweiss. You’ll have a conversation with Sabine, but she won’t be joining you here. Head back to Watch Captain Ymir and you’ll complete the quest.

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